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Almost got crushed in my cage!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by UDLOSE, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. So I'd just finished watching that crash investigation show where 3 cars had to have the roofs cut off them to free passengers (a bunch of them died...) and I set off to drive to the snow for a weekend with a few guys off NR.

    2am Hume hwy, virtually no one on the road. I get to the roadworks section where it drops from 110kph to 40! Yes 40 with no roadworks taking place at the time. I decided that it was just too dangerous to do 40 so I did 80, still enough to lose my license. About 2 mins into it I see a car flying up on me who clearly was disregarding the roadworks all together. I'm in the middle lane of 3 btw. I notice him getting closer and closer and think ok this douche is going to do the old fly up on the guy in front and violently peel out with no indicator at the last possible second maneuver which was making me pretty mad considering the roads were empty. At the last possible second I realized he was about to plough into me and I swerved to the left and he swerved to the right. I sat behind him with my high beams on and the horn pinned for about 30 secs then overtook him and got the **** out of there. No acknowledgment from him at all...

    I was that paranoid that I checked that my brake lights/Parkers were working! To no surprise they were perfect. It's a late model car with bright lights with no problems. I was sooo mad and kept thinking what if we'd both swerved the same way?? Or worse yet what if I was doing 40? That's at 70kph speed differential I'd have been toast.

  2. The driver had their brain parked... and was driving in auto pilot. Nice work on avoiding a crash.
  3. Speed differential kills bro. Well it does here in Victoria.
  4. He was probably totally asleep at the wheel, brain in autopilot, not looking, seeing or sensing anything. Scary stuff.
  5. no no no, chef. Hoon's kill in victoria, that's why they need more cameras.
  6. I reckon he was on cruise control barely conscious. Moron! Don't drive at night if you can't hack it!
  7. how was the snow trip?
  8. It was awesome! I went with Finn and ONE (Trent). I'm seriously addicted to snowboarding
  9. Speed camera would have solved this problem.
  10. You need louder pipes.
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  11. LOL

    Yeah the overnighter to the snow can be a killer. Years ago we were following some friends. Got to Bredbo about 5am and the driver fell asleep and ran off the road. Jumped over a creek. Wrote off car and passenger ended up with vertebral fractures.

    I nearly followed, due to that brain on auto pilot thing! The poor old brain does tend to power down a bit overnight. Not good.

    Good driving BTW.
  12. We had good weather down there this weekend too. I was down from Thurs-Sun. Snowed Thurs, rained Friday and then sunny skies all weekend. Where were you guys mostly?

    I'm addicted too. Bloody expensive hobby, especially if you do it in Oz!

    I had a brown pants moment the way there with a 6ft roo on the edge of the road at 11pm, pissing down rain + $1.30. Not fun!
  13. I was there fri-sun. The rain was a pain in the ass on Friday only did a few hours but got heaps of runs in because it was so quiet. The weather was great on the weekend though. I'm planning to go up next Sunday with Trent just for the day.