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Almost got Busted Speeding

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Paulie, Jun 17, 2005.

  1. hey All,

    Just got home from a very cold night run on the mighty gpx250 and almost got nailed by the local constabulary!

    I was on Norwest Boulevard (if anyone knows it its in Baulkham Hills sortof) its a 60 zone and I was peltin around the bend doing about 90kph when i spotted a police car on the other side of the road and the passenger was getting back in when they spotted me (must have just finished booking some other poor bastard) when the driver turned the flashing lights and siren on and they ripped it back onto the road and started to turn around in U turn bay a few metres up, so I squeezed the throttle and hooked a rather erratic left at a roundabout and proceeded to scream up an industrial/commercial road until i found a discrete industrial dtriveway which I rode up and parked in the far back corner behind a hedge in the car park. I turned the lights off and ju,ped off the bike and then heard the mighty police car go roaring up the street, he did a couple of laps and then I guess he gave up and went for coffee and donuts (theres a Gloria Jeans in Norwest), so after about 10 minutes I SLOWLY drove on my merry way.

    I know they probably couldn't have got me on radar, but they probably would,ve given me a hard time cause about 2 minutes before that happened I realised I'd blown a front indicator bulb and there aint a whole lot left of my L plate.

    Anyways, just thought I'd pass on my little adventure for the evening... I think I'm gonna have to get new gloves my hands were like numb from the cold air! bbrrrrrr
  2. bwahahahhahahahahahhahahahah :LOL:i think you picked the wrong forum to brag about that kinda behavior. prepare for flamage :twisted:
  3. I wasn't bragging dude :?
  4. Mate, considering they would have got your license number, they are probably on the way over now to book you for failing to stop.

    Happened to another guy I know. Lost his license for a year for it.
  5. oh, sorry, it just came across that way. alot of ppls like to brag about their narrow escapes, and this sounded just like that.... anyways, prepare for the famage in any case :LOL:
  6. I don't think they got my plate cause they were never actually behind me, by the time they turned around I was turning at the roundabout
  7. They wouldnt have got your plate man,ive had em right up the arse of my bike before and they havent got the plate,if they werent waiting at your house for you all is good :wink: 8) Nice effort anyway,there are some on this forum who can appreciate that sort of thing :wink: 8) :LOL: :LOL:
  8. With excitement like that the adrenalin must be pumping. :)
  9. Atleast this getaway didnt involve running a red light... can't be bothered going thread hunting but i remember the last person who proudly declared their getaway including time, place & details...

    Not too smart.

    Perhaps these sorts of things best be kept until coffee night... and then disclosed quietyly over a nice mocha-decaf-double-baby-chino. :p
  10. Nah, all is good (unless I flamed the other bloke) :oops:

  11. Silly, silly silly, behaviour! How can you do that?! How can you come in here and advocate that type of behaviour??!! Do you really think that is the type of thing we promote in these parts???!!! Think of THE CHILDREN!!!! THE CHILDREN!!!!! THE CHIIIIILLLDREEEEEN!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Good stuff !!!!!
    Not a bad effort for a 2fidy.
    ...those 2fidy riders......causing trouble again......
  13. not just any 250......a kwakasaki 250
  14. hahaha sorta the same thing happened to me.

    was turning right at an intersection (still had mud all over the tyres from the fun session a few minutes before) and the wagon rip :LOL:

    the cops were sitting in traffic a few cars up in the street i just turned into

    saw the rear lights on the divvy come on and then them trying to do a u turn over the median strip

    bolted up a lane and parked beside a house that was under construction

    saw them go up and down the main drag from the comfort of my car

    got out and walked 2 doors up to my joint :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    never got anything in the mail :wink:
  15. Oh Paulie, you lucky dude, all I can say is please enjoy your escape, but even if it's freezing cold at night, don't speed on your Ls to get home to a nice warm house, cos the fuzz in their nice warm car ain't gonna care, whatever you tell them!
    Perhaps we should have a "Lucky Escape" thread as a regular, sure brightens up a quiet Saturday night.
    One day I'll tell you about how I raced a cop car 16 miles from Muswellbrook to Denman at about 2 in the morning and didn't get booked!
  16. Hmmm,excuse would go something like: "sorry occifer(sic) i honestly didnt see you,i was busting for a leak and pulled into the factories to relieve myself" As long as you dont admit to anything,you can get away with a fair bit of shite! :D 8) :wink:
  17. Trouble is the cop would probably ping you then for public lewdness, or something else. If they wanna get you, they can find SOMETHING!
  18. I'd prefer a fine for public lewdness than a dangerous driving charge. dangerous driving carries a penalty of max $2000 + max 2 years jail from memory,its an instant court offence. :wink:

    Side Note: I copped a 9month disqualification,$1300 fine and a 2month suspended sentence when i was charged with it.Let me just say,if you're gonna do a runner,make sure they dont catch you!! :LOL: :LOL:
  19. You could always stop and hope for the best...

    I got pulled over 2 weeks ago for doing 80 in a 60 zone and not displaying my Ls. To cut a long story short, he said I was a "fine young man and a future leader" and then let me off on a caution.

    I couldn't believe it either... "a fine young man" hahahaha :D
  20. Yeah I owe a big thanks to Cranny guy in a red Toyota Corona who got a head of the car that slowed me down & he took my speeding ticket! 100k in an 80k could have been unpleasant! Saving graace that I would have been relying on was in the cage with a good driving history & of course being female! Hey a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!