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Almost dropped the bike..

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Jaytee, Jul 9, 2016.

  1. My story isn't one of adventure and excitement.. but one that gave me a bit of a scare none the less.

    I was out shopping for a present for my mother's birthday , nothing out of the ordinary.

    Anyhow , when i was leaving i put the gear on, started pulling the bike out of the parking spot to go home.

    Next thing i know my back foot (the one pushing the bike back) has landed on something slippery and my foot moves forward, essentially leaving me with nothing to stand on whilst the bike is leaning.

    Now the CB400 with a full tank is about 200kgs give or take. I struggled for a moment , whilst i regained my footing, and managed the weight of the bike leaning on me.

    Some a$$hat had dropped/thrown away what can only be pork ribs covered in BBQ sauce , well whats left of them after munching on them, in the car spot and i didn't see them whilst mounting the bike.

    My A* boots, with their ultra flat sole, slipped like on those bones like i was on ice..

    So yeah morale of the story.. check your parking spot for any potential hazards that could cause you grief! :p

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    who'd have thought pork ribs could be bad for you?! congrats on not dropping.
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  3. At least the lesson came at no cost. Could have been expensive or painfull
  4. Don't worry so much, the CB400 takes a drop really well! (y)
  5. Happens quite frequently, mostly no issue unless you're putting a hell of a lot of force down at the time. I tend to put less force down and take more steps precisely because of this.
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  6. The foot rolled which kinda threw me.. I'm used to sliding on white paint at lights etc on a rainy day in the boots..

    It was just that I was reversing with the bars turned so the bike dropped rather than slid straight back.

    All good in the end..
  7. Last "drop" (AND ONLY!) I had cost me 6K .. :p