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Almost dropped my bike!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MrtypeR, Dec 2, 2008.

  1. Hey guys, have had my hyo 250R for bout a month and on the weekend i had a close call....

    went to start the bike... the display showed i was in Neutral... i hit the starter button and the bike just leapped forward bout a foot and kicked the stand up!... i was sooo lucky i was standing on the stand side and was very lucky to quickly grab it as it was tipping and straighten it up again!

    Now the bike cant start if its in gear so why did this happen?? was it cause maybe it was sitting between neutral and first?? i think i should sit on my bike from now on before starting it!... worried its gonna happen again!!
  2. I'm always paranoid about this happening.

    Just start it with the clutch disengaged all the time. Once its fired up let the clutch out slowly to make sure its not in gear, if it is you'd have to be unlucky not to catch it before it drops.
  3. lesson learnt always dis-ingage the clutch when starting
  4. yeah good idea guys!... will start to get in the habbit of putting the clutch in!... even if it says its in Neutral!!!
  5. Triumph are definitely on to something with making the bike needing to have the clutch in to start it up :grin:
  6. yep suzi have had that for a while aswell......it's funny watching people trying to start it :LOL:
  7. My bike has that.....to the OP, does the side stand cut out switch not prevent this from happening? ...or does this only work when the bike is already running?
  8. yeah only works when the bike is running. if u kick it out it shuts the engine!
  9. I embarrassed myself many times in a few car parks because of the side stand cut out years ago. Oh the shame :oops:
  10. A side stand cut out will only work if the bike thinks it's in gear. Considering the neutral light was on the side stand cut out will be bypassed.
  11. my suzuki wont start with the side stand down if in any gear, but will start with side stand down in neutral. no matter how u try to start it (sidestand up down, or any gear) you need to have clutch in.
  12. Hyo riders and problems go together like Cheese and onions.....mmmm cheese and onion :p

    But seriously, I reckon holding clutch in is a good habit to get into. Oh and so is not owning a hyosung :LOL:
  13. thought i could smell someone in here with onion breath!!

    Anyways im loving the Hyo as a first bike... does everything i need it to do and looks great also!... not a single problem!

    and yeah will start to get into the habit of using the clutch when starting!!
  14. Not quite true. Your neutral sensor isn't particularly accurate. It may be a minor problem that doesn't affect the bike from running but it's still a problem a bike shouldn't have. Is the bike new? If so and you can reproduce the problem it'd be worth considering getting it fixed under warranty. I wouldn't bother taking the bike in specifically for it but when you take it in for a service I'd get it looked at.
  15. yeah the bike is brand spankers!

    all i could think that caused it was that was it wasn't quite in neutral (even tho it was showing) and when i did start it, it pushed itself fully into neutral!
  16. Yep just might get into that habbit also!

    Clutch in