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Almost died...vid

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by sebapl10, Jun 25, 2013.

  1. #1 sebapl10, Jun 25, 2013
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    <Mod edit - Duplicate link removed>
  2. Holy crap!
  3. wow... what country were those Learner riders from ? & where was their instructor (assuming they were on a ride with a Learning centre). :eek:
  4. {EDIT] nvm, looks like Oxley QLD (Brisbane South)


    OP, were you recording, riding or just found the video clip ?
  5. Oh yuck......

    Aside from the riding..... I wonder if the driver thought they were close enough, given the weather and obvious nubby riders..... Brisbane would explain it.
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  6. It's been determined on other forums that the guy was the instructor, and he was chasing a stray pup from his group.. But again, it's hard to tell in the scheme of things.
  7. Lol that's worse....
  8. Browser doesn't like your link, but you're right,its the turnoff from Ipswich road on to Oxley Rd at the Oxley McDonalds. There's a dealer not far from there who runs learner courses...

    Its also on my daily commute. Cool to know I can jump that kerb if I feel the need ;)[/quote]
  9. I dont see a vid/link, has it been removed?
  10. Just watched it @goddie, so its still there.
  11. still only see a blank page on ops entry, can you copy it in to a response for me? please :)
  12. sorry guys, but yeah i just found it randomly.
    its from live leak .com

    the link is still there but i think u have to be on a pc to view it.
  13. Send a PM to mod to move your thread to the multimedia forum or else it will end up deleted as this forum is for "YOUR" near misses

    Well look at that....I must actually read Justus' posts after all.
  14. sent the link home, cheers, damn work wont lemme look grrr
  15. Holy crap - brown trousers......and legs......and ankles.....and socks.....

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  16. Hmm, a very bad different "target fixation" moment then. In trying to achieve a goal, everything else was forgotten.
  17. moved to multimedia
    please read the requirements for forums before posting in them, as aly rightly observed.....
  18. Wasn't that bad actually, I was expecting much worse from the title.
  19. I think you need to watch it again.

    Pay particular attention to how close he comes to going under the 4x4