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Almost collected a car (wet)

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Siwagod, Apr 16, 2013.

  1. Pissed down rain this morning and died to a drizzle as I left for work.
    Was heading down Carlingford Road and there was this older red car infront in the right hand lane that I got a bad vibe from so I shifted over to the left lane and kept my distance behind him.

    Coming down to the end of Carlingford Rd to Epping there's two sets of lights.
    Car in left was slowing to turn left so I moved back into the right lane behind Mr Red.
    He's just about at the first lights when they go amber and he decides to slam on his brakes.

    I quickly squeezed about 50/50 front and back, back locked up and my tail kicked to the right about 45 degrees and my front started to skid, was not going to stop and was looking for an exit, no cars to my left and managed to release the back brake, tap a tiny bit of throttle and kick the backend back around behind me and go around the left of him with millimetres to spare.

    All I can say is THANK HOLY fcuk I grew up in the bush on mountain bikes and trail bikes and my body just did what it needed to do without freezing up.
    Stopped at the next lights and laughed, amazed that my heart rate was still steady and I was calm.
    Was 100% expecting after that to be shaken up as if I hadn't have kicked the tail back behind me I would have slammed into his arse sideways.

    Got it on my helmet cam and have watched it back a bunch of times.

    Mistakes I made:
    1 - 2nd lights were green and he had plenty of time on the amber to go through as near everybody does every day there, as a result my judgement failed me and I assumed he would go through, leaving me room to stop for the red. Never assume anything.
    2 - Because I assumed he would be going through, I was too close for the conditions. I did not give myself enough room to stop should he brake hard, which he then did.
    3 - I should have watched the lights more closely and expected him to stop for that amber. It is quite a long one which I know, but I cannot be sure he knows that so he wouldn't have been willing to risk running a red.
    4 - Braking I am not sure. I feel if I had braked harder with the front I would have lost the front end and gone down ending up under his car. I'll need to practice more on how hard I can brake in the wet before the front starts to go.

    Cager didn't do anything really wrong and I can't put any blame on him. If I had been further back, nothing would have happened.
    If you had to pick apart him, only thing I'd say is he braked too hard and too late for the amber with people behind him in the wet. But it was my actions that almost caused the crash.

    I gave him a quick wave to say I'm all good.

    At least now I know how I react in bad situations. Am happy I didn't freeze up. Not happy I didn't heed my own constant advice to keep more distance in the wet like I usually do.

    Mistake made. On to the next one!
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  2. Good you didnt collide! EVEN better to acknowledge and get the lessons from this, crap can and always will happen, how we handle it, is what matters :)
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  3. i like collecting cars, ive got 3 and counting... as far as hitting them... i dont like that at all
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  4. I'm just happy I didn't drop or damage the bike. Got sort of a personal challenge going with myself so far as to how long I can go before I drop it.
  5. Good to hear you a avoided an incident and are able to see things to change so it doesn't happen again.

    What do you ride btw? I go that route to work every day.
  6. A white, naked Hyosung GT650. Matte black Bell helmet alternating between black and iridium visor. RJays leather jacket or RJ textile, Hornee jeans and Gaerne boots.
    I saw a Striple a few weeks ago. May have been you?
  7. can we see the video?
  8. Yeah I've got a bunch of interesting stuff from the camera. Just trying to get some vid software then get it uploaded. As mentioned in another thread, I pretty much have no internet at home so things are a bit slow.
  9. Sounds like a sphincter-clench kinda moment. Good that you came out of that situation a little more experienced and wiser :D
  10. Less typing, more video! :hungry:
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  11. Working on it :snaphappy:
  12. Yeah probably me. Orange triple r.
  13. Yeah would have been you (y)
  14. I have had the exact same happen a few months back, except my rear slipped left and I moved to wrong side of road to save myself. It was a fun drift even it wasn't intentional:)
  15. you didn't mention wheel track. just wondering if that was also a factor.

    well done on the avoidance
  16. Was in the left wheel track, right lane.
  17. Nice bit of self analysis. You will learn from it.
    And yeah...that off road experience was the key to your avoidance. Nice moves. :)
  18. Still no video? :(
  19. Still trying to get the software to edit it :( no internet makes life extremely difficult :mad:
  20. You didn't have anybody on your left and you ended up going there anyway. Perhaps you could have changed lanes when you saw the orange light (or started thinking that way) rather than assuming the car in front would go through? Great catch though!

    Personally I try to brake for most orange lights if there is room behind me and it there is any chance of stopping, just a weird habit. I tend to brake really hard and then coast up to the line slowly. Its a chance to practice.