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Almost cleaned up in Geelong

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by rvf400nc30brad, Sep 3, 2010.

  1. Just a cruisy ride around Geelong inner city on a saturday when what should show up to the left of me at a rediculus speed while im carefully navigating those pesky little roundabout things..... none other than a simple minded driver in

    A) A commodore lowered with Stock rims
    8) a Statesman " "
    C) A Calais " "
    D) A Grandma in a laser who should not be on the road cause she cannot even turn her head to check the blind spot

    Wanna take a guess?

    Well i think you all get the point, the answer was B but i think we've all had our fair share of Holden (popular hoon range) near misses.

    Anyway the guy was flying through a 60 zone at about 70ish probly and thought he could beat me through the roundabout even though he is supposed to give way, and i had to lock of the front brakes and stop mid roundabout to avoid smashing into his peice of shit car which was most likely worth less then a new set of tyres on my bike........ Lesson..... create some kind of hybrid 4x4 with gigantic bull bar and bike to smash into the guy next time

    End of my Rant thank you for reading........

    P.s I HATE COMMODORES.... and theres nothing i love more then lane filtering to the front of lights next to one and smoking them off the line....
  2. Many of us also drive commodores so keep the bravado crap to yourself eh? there's a good lad.
  3. Glad ya cant accuse me of that... :) Naah. Drive a statesman sometimes myself (its the old ladys..) But meh. I have an respect for a person on a bike now, youll never catch me not checking my blind spot while merging!

    But yeah.. its not the cars fault the drivers are ****wits.. But seriously? the amount of '91 model statesmans i see which are lowered, have light kits, big ass stereos etc etc.. the drivers are ****in dickheads, with thier stereos going.. and the car aint even FLASH! (.. '04 statesmans when they actually became good lookin..).

    Yeah.. i think its these ******** 19yr olds on thier Ps trying to show off.. they look like absolute dickheads.

  4. Doesn't alter the fact that dunnydoors are the young hoons weapon of choice...
  5. I drive a lowered Statesman around Geelong occasionally. When I'm not riding.

    I don't think it was me but. I know it won't outcorner a Viffer4.
  6. "Guns don't kill people; people kill people"
  7. And you are how old Brad?????

    Maybe if you'd been paying better attention to what was happening around you and anticipated what the driver was going to do, you wouldn't have had to lock the front brakes (glad this didn't result in you fallling off). No point being right if you're dead.

    No the lesson you should have learnt is to ride defensively, being alert all the time, and anticipate the actions of others.
  8. amen to that, nothing more fun that smoking clubsports and FPV Bosses off the line :)
  9. On a bike it does not matter if the car is in the right or the wrong. It's you that will pay and pay dearly.
    When I am riding in traffic I ride like every one wants to run me off the road and kill me. Arrogant ??? maybe... but its kept me alive for 30 years of on road riding.
    Make the eye contact, point at them. What ever it takes but believe any one of them will pull out on you. To finish first...first you have to finish.
  10. thats a laugh.

    so many piece of shit commonwhores around with 'drivers' barely 'driving' them its retarded.
  11. Agreed, not all commodore drivers are bad, but whether you agree with "hoon"'legislation or not, there's a reason why twice as many commodores have been impounded than the next vehicle down the list on the stats.
  12. I was referring to many riders also driving them
    Reason more commodores are being driven is that falcons of the same vintage are shitboxes falling to bits and undriveable
  13. Ah no... unfortunately the XR6T is the car of choice for bogans now.
    unfortunately cause I own one. they use to be the great sleeper.
  14. Mmmm...... I like that!!! Very slick indeed.

    On a separate point... What is it with you guys looking to drag this or that car off from the lights??
    ( that's a serious question)

    I mean, even when I was younger bloke it was just boooringggg.

    Now I ride a thou. There generally isn't anything even remotely capable of beating it. So I ride my ride and the cagers can try, but I ignore them as just pests.
    I get going enough to put me in the clear, without the cages around me, and dismiss the tossers that feel the need to beat me - don't even bother to look at them.
  15. Um I don't. Same as you I use my bike for speed. This is my company car and my two teenage daughters taxi.
    This thing has Remote Tein coilover suspension and superpro bushes through out. 2.5 neg rear camber and 1.25mm toe. front has 2 neg and 1mm toe. And sorry it will flog a bike for corner speed. And the 6/4 brembo's massive stopping power will haul it up long before you can a bike..
    Most well tuned T's will pull 11 sec qtr's. Best I can get from a liter bike is mid tens. But I am not into straits anyway. I'm bent and love corners. And that's why bikes have always been my passion.
    Don't get me wrong I love bikes and have ridden all my life. but at 48 with two kids I cant only have bikes anymore.
    Just be careful of these mothers. Most are now owned by idiots who have no idea how to drive one. Just let him go... the wallies will get him and crush it anyway.
  16. Those killers drive dunnydoors... :angel:
  17. coz people worked out that they're only a cooler/tune/boost increase away from the magic 300 mark. it was actually the BA/BF/FG turbo6 models which had me questioning (and ultimately ignoring) my one eyed lion allegiance