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almost became a skewer

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by nadski, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. So i had a barry by thinking the NSW old pac/putty rd crusie was on sunday rather than saturday ](*,)
    was up at berowra at 745 sunday, keen to head out. realised at 8am it was the wrong day, so just headed up to road warriors on my own :-({|=
    on the way back, sitting behind a nissan x-trail when a 1m long stick comes flying out from under the rear wheel.

    It was like a scene out of the matrix, happened in slow mo, had a quick body shift to the left (bike stayed straight). Stick missed my shoulder by about 10 cm!
    good times! 8-[

  2. Large objects flying towards your head are never fun.

    I've had a very similar incident with one of those stupid metal sunshades on a POS HQ Holden which decided to come loose and come flying towards my head :shock:.
  3. i wear an open face had a BW chuck a nice size rock and smacked me in the cheek.... i pulled over to look in the mirror and see my face covered in blood... i used my shirt as a bandage and rode to the hospital to get some nice stichers
  4. i passed a tradesmans vehicle once early one morning way to work, still quite dark, oncomming other side of the road. the chassis had a tray body, with thin drawers that slid into the sides under the tray. one of the drawers was slid out and about a meter into my side of the road.
    would have sliced me in two., just lucky i noticed it.
    hopefully some cagers windscreen took the hit later on. only good cager is a dead cager.
  5. Another reason to give cars in front a large distance - can't tell the amount of times it's saved me having that extra time to move from objects cars have run over/dropped off the back

    Shame you missed the ride on saturday, it was a good one
  6. i actually had a pigeon hit into my head. luckily i turned my head last minute as i was open face!
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    reminds me of this
  8. i had a car run over and flick up one of those metal pallet strap belts at me, bloody hurt!