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Almost back on 2 wheels

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Bridgey, May 26, 2014.

  1. Hi all,

    After looking more seriously at bikes I thought I better put up an intro... I've had my riders license for at least 10 years now, in that time I rode to high school & uni on a Virago, did trips with the old man on his classics (I was usually on a Velocette), and had a week in New Zealand on a SV650 a few years back but that's about it.

    Joined Netrider a while back as I always had plans on buying another bike, sadly they were always plans until recently. Was discussing commuting options to work with the wife when she suggested a bike! Didn't take long to knock up a list of bikes and start drooling! Tossing up between sport-tourers like the SV650/ER-6 or my favourite choice the GSXR600...

    Once I buy a bike I'll probably join in on the Learners ride just to get back into the swing of things before tackling Sydney traffic!

  2. Howdy, good luck with the shopping.
  3. Welcome along, Eden
  4. Getting even closer to being back on 2 wheels... Bought and picked up a 2000 GSX-R600 K1 model on Sunday!!!
    Had just over 25,000km on her, major service had been done but has been sitting unused for the past couple of years.
    Some minor scratches on the fairing, 2 chips in the fuel tank, front left indicator has been taped but overall looks like a good buy.
    Currently at aitkens getting looked over, serviced and a blue slip.

    Fingers crossed I'll be on the road in a couple of weeks!

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