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Almost a perfect day

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by gsxrjames, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. Yesterday was a fantastic day in the hills. Light traffic and mostly dry.
    As I'm heading home through Ringwood I slow down to stop at an orange/red light. I see a van in my mirrors 10-15 car lengths away approaching very quickly so move to the edge of the lane as I'm coming to a stop. This beaten up **** van speeds up, misses me by a few inches and flys through the red.

    Note to self... Never assume others will stop at red lights.

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  2. Nice work noticing that.
  3. Yeah, good piece of situational awareness there. Well done.
  4. What a nob.

    Good work on avoiding it.
  5. Did he at least acknowledge that you were there or were you one of those invisible motorcyclists?
  6. Cheers. Honestly don't know if they saw me or not. My guess is texting and didn't see the lights change.

    Just thought I'd mention it to remind newer riders of the importance of checking your mirrors when coming to a stop. I really want a Reevu...:D
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  7. It cannot be understated.

    And a pair of HD cams, mounted front and back. A Reevu would have helped me avoid the woman on a V-Strom that rammed me from behind.

    Do you recall any details of the driver, van model/rego, etc?
  8. Sheesh. There are some donkeys out there, good on you for taking responsibility for your own safety. Too many riders would of copped the hit then totally blamed the driver.
  9. On one hand, had a collision occurred, the vast majority of the blame would be on the driver's part. On the other hand, the rider had the responsibility to minimse risk by checking his/her mirrors while coming to a stop, thereby assessing the environment for any new hazards and acting accordingly if needed.

    Personal responsibility (risk management) and blame (fault) are different concepts. Confusing the two (mistakenly or otherwise) is what leads to flamewars and abuse fests frequently seen on many motorcycle forums.
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  10. A lot of the times, you only need to go forward 2 metres, allows them to stop in time,

    Other times you need to drop the clutch and scorch the fuck outa there,

    Thats why you always have to have an out, no matter where you are.

    Constantly watch your mirrors, It your bacon Baby, Save your arse and look.
  11. Blaming somebody from a hospital bed or via the coroner inquest offers little or no comfort. Do as deadman suggests, lave an out and be prepared to use it without hesitation as necessary.
  12. My post is actually in complete agreement in deadman's.

    Once again, the point of my post is misinterpreted. I never stated or implied the above.
  13. Nope, these things usually happen to fast to pick on on that kinda detail.
    It was a white commercial van, fairly dinted.

    If I was hit, legally it would be entirely the van's fault. BUT you have a personal responsibility to stay alive. Never rely on others for your safety.

    My advise when stopping in traffic (lights, stop sign, give way etc.)

    - Check your mirrors, make sure nothing is coming at you. If so GTFO!

    - Leave the bike in gear. Like deadman said, if you need to move quickly this is important. *If a stationary car is behind you and it's a long light it's safe enough to be in neutral.
  14. ^what he said^ never, ever sit at lights in neutral, hands off the bars. You never know what the retards will come up with next, watch that mirror, at least until there are several cars stopped behind you.
  15. An accurate summary of my prior post.
  16. Lol, I got what your first post meant ....... ](*,)
  17. Never put it in Neutral when stopped, whether the lights are long or short, So you get a tired hand, big deal.
    It will keep you alive and unharmed.

    A car hitting another 4 cars back, will shunt all the cars in front of it, cleaning you up in the middle of it,

    These are the ones you have to look out for,

    You have to think for them, Think of the lowest denominater, Thats the one that will get you,

    The thinking drivers, Will actually try to avoid hitting you,

    The rest will throw their hands in the air and let the car do what ever, Including running over the top of you,

    In fact, they shit them selves, Because they dont have a clue on what to do in an emergency situation,

    These are the ones you have to think off,

    While stopped, constantly watch your mirrors, and a long way back as well.

    Have a nice day, Have a nice ride, and try not to become a statistic,

    and always have a way out before the shit hits the fan, Dont even get any splatters from it,

    If you are stopped, you dont have an out planned, It happens, Get off it and run, The bike gets wrecked, You dont,
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  18. And ... ?
  19. I'm just laughing how many times your post was misconstrued and how many times you had to explain you're agreeing with them..... Just letting you know someone understood you (y)
  20. Ah. It wasn't clear who was causing the headbanging. Cheers :)