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Almost a noob

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by oldcorollas, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. Hey all,
    Been contemplating getting a bike for many many years, figured I may as well finally do something about it :D now or never right?

    Aiming to do L's next month, and already learning heaps from all the threads and videos here!

    Being of "mature" age in NSW (Illawarra), looks like I need to do P1 for 12 months, and then straight onto blacks. Not sure if I should get a cheaper 2nd hand 250 (like VTR), or get something a little bigger like CB400($$)/GS500(lower quality?) that I can keep onto full licence

    atm leaning toward the VTR250, because lighter and manoeuvrable and easy to resell later.
    Not sure if legs will fit (have chucked a leg over yet), and is there is much difference between carby and EFI on them?

    Lookin forward to learning heaps!
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  2. Hi Oldcorollas,

    Welcome to NR! (y)

    In my opinion, get something cheap to learn on, then splurge when you are on your fulls.

    I doubt you'll want to keep the bike you learnt on even if it does have a bit more power like the 400. Beside, that's part of the fun of getting on your fulls - purchasing a new bike!

    The VTR250 is bullet proof. Doesn't really matter if its carby or EFI. I had an '01 VTR and it never had any issues.
  3. Hey welcome, I've got the VTR250 (carby) and have had it since 09. I've put about 20,000kms on it, great little bike and absolutely bullet proof. The CB400 is nice, smoother and a lot faster than the VTR.
  4. Pre-learners booked in for 8/9 next month :D

    Thanks Justin and Siegz!
  5. Welcome !
  6. Welcome to NR!
    I bought a CB400 because I don't want to finish my 1 year restriction and then race out immediately and buy something big and meaty. I wanted a bike which would happily last my initial learning period and still have enough left over that when I want to start pushing it, there's more there to give.
    Good luck with your decision making, and your training next month :)
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    been a long time since I got drivers licence, but I feel just a little bit dumber after reading some of the possible answers to the Driver Knowledge Test :D

    was trying to put direct link the current questions and answers... forum says no LOL
    oh well
  8. Hey mate, welcome to NR. Have fun on your L's
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    well first day was fun! hoping thunderstorms hold off tomorrow as well :D
    still not sure I want to do this on the road yet, but will have a better idea after tomorrow..

    don7t these bike schools ever wash the gloves and helmets? LOL

    didn't get any homework either..
  11. Mate when I went for my L's I used the RTA iPhone app that has the tests on it..... Pretty usefully for relearning the road rules.
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  13. Welcome mate. Don't feel alone- many of us 'mature age' /midlife crisis candidates around!
  14. i'm getting in at the start and hope to drag the crisis out for a few years :D

    2nd day was much fun! only one brain fart
    most stressful thing was putting your trust in 4 other noobs to not run into you :wacky:

    now to find a bike, then get actual L's :D
  15. welcome mate & no time like the present to get your license its awesome fun :]
  16. Got L's, get Gear (some in the mail..)... and found a bike! (ZZR250)

    Only problem is that it's 100km away along single lane 100km/hr country highway, plus a few town bits...
    not so confident to take it out at 90 on first road ride in traffic... I'd give it a go, but probably safer to get it transported so I can practice low speed first..

    any motorbike transport that services from Jervis Bay to Wollongong? :D
  17. I'd say ride it, all part of the learning curve but that stupid, dumb, insane rule that says you have to travel at 10kph less than the semitrailers makes it a lot less attractive an option..
  18. G'day @oldcorollas@oldcorollas. I noticed that nobody has asked you the most important question: Are you hot? :D
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  19. just wait until you see me in man-leathers!! :D
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  20. Good enough to make me bat for the other team, eh? ;)