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Almost a big mistake

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by acehigh353, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. I was talking to my brother about his new bike. He was going on about things his instructor said to do. He was talking about his radiator and over flow tank. Then I asked him where his brake fluid tank is and where he puts his oil. He looked confused. I just wanted to see if he could do basic maintenance. So we went out and I checked his oil told him where too put it. Then went looking for his brake fluid tank. It turns out his instructor told him it was his over flow tank and next time his radiator needs filled put it in there. No idea how that would have turned out as I don't know how brake fluid reacts with coolant. But he emailed the dealer for a double check. Then I spent the next 20 mins convincing him the next time he needs his brake pads changed to let me know and I'll teach him to do it.

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  2. well done.
    you prevented a Darwin award waiting to happen.
  3. I womder if it would work. Might stop your brakes overheating.
  4. I wouldnt call that a darwin award....more like an honest mistake. Darwin award would be if he didnt follow the good advice and proceeded with what his instructor told him.....hopefully hes all cleared up now though.

    Good job Ace good job.
  5. Can't believe an instructor can give such advice!

    It is bad to put coolant in brake fluid (for braking capacity wise...chemically it is fine), while putting brake fluid in your coolant is fine...if you accidentally put brake fluid in your coolant, just dilute it down with some water.
  6. I was a bit surprised that it was a instructor. Mainly due to the fact he's been riding for years. Makes you think if he takes care of his bikes or just the mechanic every week
  7. Did the instructor really give him that advice, or did your brother just misunderstand or mix it up afterwards?

    If the instructor really told him that, it wouldn't have made any sense even from someone who got the two mixed up.
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  8. Instructors teach how to ride, not how to maintain motorcycles.
    To be an instructor you do three weeks of roads signs, how to prepare a class, your legal liabilities and a riding test that is no harder than Qride.
    A baboon with a month riding experience and five grand can get one.
  9. Fark, lucky he chatted with you. Brake fluid being hydroscopic, the result if he had done so wouldn't be good.
  10. you should also condition the tyres and brake discs liberally with oil to keep them in good condition and prevent corrosion

    fill the tyres with water, and keep the radiator pumped up to 30 psi
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  11. Yeah it couldn't been his way of saying what's this without actually asking. I'm still learning about bikes at the moment aswell.
  12. I also going under the presumption that the guys been a instructor for awhile and takes care of his bike
  13. Fill tyres with water and pump up your radiator. I think you need a coffee.
  14. i think that was the point of that one

    and the for putting water/ coolant in the brakes not much would happen expert no brakes
  15. I went to an evening at Ducati especially for women. It was just before I got my learners. I had no intention of getting a Ducati but they covered basic bike maintenance (got one of their mechanic to give instruction), talked about protective gear, showed us some bikes & we got to sit on them, plus there was nibbles & champers, so a good FREE night.
  16. have a look in the manual, better yet get a workshop manual
  17. not as stupid as you think,
    common practice on heavy, machinery like the dumptruck and bulldozers used for mining. imagine the pressure involved if they were filled with air, not to menntion the bouncy suspension
  18. Sadly I live in Perth otherwise I'd look into seeing if they had events for men. But I think there's a riding school near me that holds those. Sadly not free.
  19. I read the manual front to back. But apparently it's the previous models. Once again it's my brothers bike. I was only at his house for a short period of time. Seeing as he doesn't have the internet (odd I know) it was a bit hard to track down a workshop manual.
  20. I'll take your word about the heavy rigs as I know less than nothing about those