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Almost a 2 for 1 special

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by loogl, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. I'm trying to decide whether or not to have a mini-rage about this after thinking about it for a couple of hours...

    A GS500 and I were riding down Old Canterbury Rd this morning doing the limit (which at this point of the road is 50km) and traffic in the oncoming lane is backing up behind someone making a right hand turn.

    As we are approaching the queue in traffic I notice a silver falcon leaving a gap open between he and the car infront - at this point I'm sure he's letting someone in from the side street which is blind to me because of the queueing traffic.

    Next thing I know this silver falcon guy is doing the highbeam flash and I'm immediately on red alert as I know for sure this guy is giving the all clear to a side street car making a blind right hand turn onto my side of the road.

    Luckily there was room to my left and I was able to get the breaks ready and buffer accordingly, which is what I did.. So turns out I was right, this side street car was pretty much horizontal across the oncoming lane ready to shoot out into our side of the road and almost collect me and the other rider behind.

    In hindsight the rider behind me was way more at risk since the timing would have been worst for him if this car decided to actually go for it on the word of mr. silver falcon.

    Anyway I remember thinking to myself: "What a total ****wit waving someone in like that almost cleaning us both" .. Now that I think back I'm trying to figure out whether or not this falcon may have been giving me the warning as opposed to letting this guy through...

    What do you guys reckon? All evidence points to the contrary, but I suppose I want to maintain some kind of faith in humanity.

  2. I would say the high beam flash was intended as a warning to you.
  3. But may also have been interpreted by the threat vehicle as an "all clear".

    Good road reading and situational awareness there. Keep it up.
  4. Could be either, where I learnt to ride (UK) a flash of the lights means you're letting someone in 99% of the time, less so here.
    As PatB said good on ya for reading the situation correctly.
  5. Unfortunately this hasn't been a good week and I was SMIDSY'd today in a similar situation except this time it was a small hatch back turning right through a queue of traffic in the lane next to me.. The timing of everything was so ****ed, but I managed to e-brake stoppie just in time to stop literally kissing his bumper, but the bike came down sideways and fell.

    Not happy >_<
  6. I would say the silver falcon was high beaming to say that the other car can pull out. Not that its safe, but more a 'you can jump in front'. Its what i do when letting someone infront. Doesn't mean its safe though.

  7. You see, young riders, this is why ABS, amazing brakes and top shelf suspension won't mean shit if you're not reading the road!

    Excellent work and situational awareness. Always follow your gut, if something doesn't feel right, react because on a bike, you may not get a chance to do things differently another time...
  8. This makes me wonder: What does it mean here when someone flashes the high beam?

    I learnt to flash my lights when signalling someone that it's safe for him to proceed. As a warning one uses it's horn in almost all cases. The only case in which I would use high beam as a warning, is when I'm warning others about police targeting speeders ;)
  9. That ceased being useful the day people started driving (and riding) wearing earphones.
  10. Out in the country it is used to make someone aware of a hazard on the road. That hazard could be a policeman, stock crossing/droving or even a dead animal in the middle of a narrow road.

    It is used by some to indicate to the person in front that they should move from the right hand lane to the left hand lane. Heavy vehicle drivers use a flash of the high beam to let an overtaking driver know it is safe to pull back in.
  11. Single flash.....it's ok to proceed.
    Multiple flash....Danger, cops, speed camera ahead etc.

    That's how I read it.

    Fwiw, if you had have been hit, it's still that cars fault even if he blames the driver that gave him the 'all clear' flash.
    I'm very weary of doing this to others. This situation just cements it.
    The driver flashing you may have had a (oh shit, motorbike coming) moment and realized his stuff up. It that's the case then good on him for waring you and also kudos for appropaching with caution.

  12. If I leave a gap in traffic I'll usually give a single pulse of the high beams to indicate I'm giving way to them. By no means is it an indication you're safe to come through, I'll wave them out as well if it's actually clear.

    That said, if there's traffic coming the other way, there's usually moot point in leaving the gap for them, so unless it's a dead standstill and I'm not going to be moving forward again for a while, I won't leave the gap.

    Sounds like you were lucky to be on your game this time. Played it safe and stayed safe :)
  13. I normally use my hand to point/wave (cage or bike) if I'm giving up my right of way to someone, in saying that it just means that I will wait for them to go past, not "go right through mate, you're all good!" I normally only do it when the other driver seems confused about what is happening, or when whatever we want to do will not work if I keep going. If you give up your right of way too often I just find people get confused and you end up in more trouble than if you had have just kept going.

    High beams to me mean cops, some other hazard requiring a slow down or most commonly (at night) "turn off ya farken high beams farken!"
  14. My high beam use habits are the same as Denholm Reynhold.

    Except on the bike, if I am warning other riders of a road hazard cause by police I use the finger whirling around like a flashing light (since people drive very erratically around parked police cars, especially when they are hiding in a position that gives people surprises...)

    Flash or not, someone backing off, looking like they are letting someone in at a blind intersection... that is a very good time to slow down. I try to check an intersection is clear before passing through it... although I think about this a bit, and I think that for me, it might actually result in me seeing the person that hits and kills me before I die rather than allowing me to successfully avoid a collision. Gotta work on this, and do things earlier.

    Often the visibility is good enough though that you can maintain the speed limit, pass through the intersection while looking to exclude the possibility of a car running a red light or failing to give way. Other times you might need to slow down. I'm pretty cautious... I've nearly been cleaned up a taxi driver running a red light at over 70k's an hour (pretty sure this would definitely end very badly).

    People pulling out of blind side streets is routine, you just roll off the throttle, slow down enough and cover the brakes coming up to the intersection... supposing someone is at the intersection, and they initially fail to give way and then have that "Oh shit, a bike!" moment and brake hard, that's when I drop down a gear and ride around them. If they don't stop, then I choose to squeeze the brakes harder and stop before crossing their path. All you need to do is make sure you are going slow enough to begin with to allow this choice