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Almax IV 19mm Chain, Squire SS65CS & Ground Anchor

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by breakz187, Jul 26, 2013.

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  1. As the titles says:

    Serious motorcycle security. I shipped the chain from the UK from Almax.

    1 x 1.5m Almax IV 19mm Chain (cost me 230 uk pounds + shipping)
    1 x Squire SS65CS - two keys
    1 x Xena Ground Anchor (cost me $130 from bike biz)

    The ground anchor is new and never been used/installed.
    The chain is a beast. Uncroppable 19mm links.

    This weighs a tonne, so i'd rather a local pickup. 12KG all together.

    Receipts included to prove cost and to cover warranty.

    Sold my bike and am moving back home.

    Grab a bargain.

    Im in the CBD on Collins Street - next to Southern Cross Station.


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  2. You can see some videos of the chain and lock here:

  3. Ah I was thinking of saving up and buying the Almax III. How easy is it to install a ground anchor? And how long have you had the chain and lock for?
  4. Hey, as you can see from the picture, it comes with a drill bit and an allen key to install it. You drill one hole and use the bolt to fix it. Then hammer the security cap so that it can t be removed so easily. Bear in mind, that once this chain goes through the anchor, no thief could get at that bolt anyway, so personally i wouldn't hammer/install the security cap. This will allow you to remove it easily in future.
  5. And can I come and look at it next weekends?

    Can't edit the original post.
  6. Yeah, no probs. just pm me for phone number and address etc.
  7. Ok done
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