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Allright fellas!!! its new bike time, need advice

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by NakedChino, Dec 19, 2010.

  1. hey guys its dan here just need some help...

    right firstly i have been riding dirt bikes for years and just before i ended up in prison lol I got into quad bikes... but now i want to get on a road bike. I now have my L's and in Western Australia im limited to a 250... :nopity: but eventually ill jump on a big bike

    but yeah need some help see... i like power, and i like a sporty feel, i would like to get into race days and the such.. BUT... i dont like fully faired bikes[-(

    HENCE.. why i love the streetfighter look... i realise there not as good for cutting through the wind but i like the being free feeling wind in my face and plus, they look ****in tuff. i just wanna know are all the naked bikes tuned down and the like? cos thats bullshit... they should be equals. i love the triumph street triple and love the ducati streetfighter & MV's brutale.

    so question being.. because i like power and sport do u think i should start ona quicker 250? i.e the aprilia 2 stroke??? or should i start on somfin naked like the VTR250 because thats the type of bike i wanna end up on and i havent ridden road bikes much....

    pros and cons fellas??? hit me with some things to think about... =D>

    i would like to enventually be riding a converted YFZR1 to streetfighter... another question i realise they put naked style handlebars on them and remove the fairings... but, what about the feet position.. wouldnt changing the bars make the ride feel out of wack??? is it still good for racin???

    sorry for the long post guys but yeah tell me your thoughts..


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    I know lots of riders (even R1 riders) who have 'heard' the powerful, no-bullsh*t growl of a Yamaha MT-01. This was the beginning of the bug ; the desire to sit on the mean growling fiend and take it for a test ride.
    I cannot place myself in this category (yet) however those who did saddle up, sold their R1's immediately, in place of this beast, muscle-streetfighting, track-carving sports-cruiser !
    Why don't you test ride one ? You may be pleasantly surprised. Here's a link to whet your appetite :

    This one for the sound of the mongrel (turn up your speakers !)

    And another :

    Enjoy !
  3. Perths a bit behind times, only 250's eh, pretty sad, vtr's are pretty good but if your a bigger bloke then its going to look like a pee wee under u, power wise, i dont think u can go past an older cbr250rr, again it will look small if you are big, bigger bikes in a 250 range, even though its hated on this site, a hyosung
  4. No way Goz,this bloke has been in jail,imagine what will happen when he goes back inside and they find out he bought a Hyo.
  5. Short and Sweet;

    Learner bike: get something that runs and is cheap and ugly, you won't have it for long, dont blow too much money on it.

    Upgrade: pick ya desired engine / frame / handling / price, fairings or not, then modifiy as you see fit. The glourious opition of been into streetfighters is, every sports bike is a potential street fighter... enjoy the hunting.

    Edit: Make sure you use the right forums for each catagoery, if your looking for this thread later chances are one of the mods will move it to here:

    Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions
  6. [​IMG]

    Mate it's got me buggered why the manufacturers dumb down the fighter versions of their sportbikes but i suspect it has something to do with kittens. Once you put a flat bar and rip the fairings off a sportbike you're left with an overwhelming desire to wheelie the thing everywhere. And because there's no weight over the front wheel that's exactly what they do.

    Your stance on the bike becomes much more aggressive and lends itself to much more aggressive riding. The wider bars gives you easier tip in so you tend to punt into corners faster. And having your shoulders hunched forward makes you feel like your wringing it's neck while you're standing still, so once you're moving you run with it.

    By 'racing' I'm assuming 'trackdays', and there is no such thing as a bad trackday unless you crash. Winding up an R1 to full noise down a straight without fairings is gunna be a PIA. But coming off dirtbikes where physical exertion is it's own reward, I don't think hanging onto a bike in three hundred kilometre an hour winds will be considered a negative. My only warning is make sure you spend the money and the time setting your suspension professionally to account for the change in weight distribution over the front and the new telemetry.

    If your footpegs and seating position become a problem, adjustable rear sets will sort you out in no time. But out of the box it shouldn't be a problem.

    Pros and cons? If you were breast fed your mom was a pro, if you were bottle fed you got conned.

    As to the 2fiddy question. Learner bikes are designed for only one purpose. To learn how to countersteer and crash, so choosing one becomes relatively simple, get a cheap one.

    If you want to end up on a cruiser, get a baby cruiser.
    If you want to end up on a streetfighter, get a naked.
    If you want to end up on a sportbike, get a baby sportbike.

    What you'll learn on your crasher will save your life on your upgrade. So use the opportunity to learn how they handle in their smaller form, as the riding styles don't really cross over, even if the principles do.
  7. Might be worth checking - in most states the Aprilia 250s are not legal for learners (two strokes were what we grew up with but the authorities have wised up to the serious power from a 2-stroke 250). I reckon the VTR is probably the beast learner machine around and has the advantage from your perspective of being a naked.

    In terms of 'tuning down' the factory streetfighters, you need to look at more than just headline power numbers. The goal of the retuning is to offer usable power on the street where it's simply impossible to spend most of your time at the peak of the power curve of a sportsbike (since in any gear above 2nd that will put you in the vicinity of 200).

    For usable, workable, crazy acceleration, something with a slightly flatter curve - lower peak but broader - actually makes a lot of sense.

    But as has been said, there are also plenty of streetfightered (ex-crashed) R1s and other sportsbikes out there too.

  8. That's the point though Brav, why put mind snapping power into a sportbike and then take it back out of a fighter? The purpose of a fighter is to take it up a notch.

    Same power + less weight = more madness.
  9. Its more torque at lower rev ranges though which is better for the street.
  10. Mate i hear ya as I ride a v-twin. But that's not the original intent of a fighter. More madness says it all. We're infants in this country when it comes to this stuff.

    The manufacturer's fighters are a Bali copy of the real thing.
  11. hey mate, since you like naked bikes why not get a yamaha wr250x motard, still a 250 and if you want them to get going you can just bolt up a turbo kit!
  12. I hear ya mate. But how often on road do you actually get to use all that power?

    None of main factory street fighters that are proper barking mad (not the naked street bike rubbish) are the standard I4 configuration. Speed Trip, SV, Tuono, Duke, etc. All which produce lower peak power than the flagship I4 rides but much more in the mids.
  13. I remember a quote from Performance Bikes about 20 years ago, from a bloke who built a couple of their project specials. From memory, the bike in question was a heavily breathed on GSXR11 lump in a short wheelbase Harris frame with flat bars and rearsets.

    "On the road, you can't use 170 mph. What you need is mega-grunt coming out of corners between 80 and 130."
  14. so the vtr will look midget under me huh? im 90kg 6 foot lol

    hahaha funny

    thanks for all the feedback guys... i think that wr250x looks pretty cool i like that... hmm
  15. also guys do u know the legalities of making a streetfighter..
  16. As long as the headlight has an AS whatever number, the blinkers are the right distance apart, the speedo reads correctly, the number plate is in the correct position and the mirrors are large enough, you're pretty much good to go. Oh, not too noisy either.
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    ...thanks for all the feedback fellas awesome stuff=D>