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Alloy.. Whats this white stuff? - and how to clean it ?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by kazjim, Jul 25, 2005.

  1. Hey all, as you know, i picked up my VZ800 a few weeks ago, and Now I'm starting to "Bling" it up a little....

    on a lot of the alloy parts (Triple Tree, wheels etc) there is a little bit of white 'Dusting" that appears to be corrosion (Probably is...)

    but in other places the alloy is perfect...

    I'm guessing that the clear-coat has been breached and that there is very little i can do other than strip the rest of it, re-polish and re-clear-coat...

    Has anyone had this same problem ?
    How did you deal with it ?

  2. Autosol will polish it, but once you start you can't stop.

    I'd be interested to know about clear coats too.
  3. yep, autosol, it's the best, but if you want to bling, you'll have to scrub!!
  4. there is better than autosol, its called purple polish. relatively new on the scene but it is sweet as. my bro uses it a fair bit, if you cant find any ring 0414644352 and he will sort you out. Paul is his name
  5. As Hornet said, the trouble with most of these polishes is that, once you start using them you have to continue. Still I suppose if it keeps it looking schmick!
  6. If its alloy and its white then its just naturally anodized. You can polish the parts as described above but if they still have some clear coat over the top then you will have to sand that off first starting with 380 wet and dry and working your way up to 1600 grit soaked in kero before you start polishing with autosol or any other brand. Once you have the results you were after then it is always possible to get the parts re-sprayed with clear to prevent anodizing occurring again, otherwise you will have to regularly maintain the polished parts and dry off asap if they get wet.

  7. Yes the white powder (aluminium oxide) is the result of corrosion and yes it's because the clearcoat has been damaged. As others have mentioned best bet is to clean up the affected areas with sandpaper/polish however be careful to not use any alkaline solutions ie. detergent on the exposed metal. Most auto stores usually sell aerosol cans of clearcoat for alloy wheels which can be used to protect the polished surface.
  8. I use that stuff on everything! This includes my pushie and even my girlfriend's kettle! Great for anything made of metal. It takes rust out of chrome, makes engine blocks shine and is awesome on the boat trailer's mags. 8)
  9. mate i work in the transport industry and you know what the truckies are like with the polishing of the alloy parts. I know of a really good product made by a supplier i know. What area are you in? If you are in melb i might be able to help. Otherwise yes purple polish is the way to go.
  10. Autosol has acid in it, that's why you have to keep using it. Call a Plater and ask them what they recommend to keep the bling. there is other stuff out there that is much betetr than Autosol.