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Alloy Frame v's Black Frame

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Takamii, Jul 19, 2010.

  1. Is it just me or does any one else see the predominant use of black frames on bikes as boring and nothing but a cost cutting exercise ?

    hell I loved the silver alloy frame on my old R1 it just gave it some "life and definition " rather than just a bulk of black ( engine frame covers etc )

    I guess this is why I like the red frame 2009 r1 -- breaks it up a bit

  2. Motorcycle frames are meant to be black. Anything else is an abomination in the eyes of the gods of motorcycling :wink:.
  3. I love my black fram then again I ahve always loved red and black since I could decipher colours
  4. It's just the swings and roundabouts of fashion.
  5. I don't mind the matte blue finish of the GSXR's at the moment. I think Yamaha had a similar thing going with their FJR1300.
  6. I don't get black engines myself. Give me raw/polished any day.
  7. But then you don't get that lovely arctic camo look when the black coating starts to fall off after a couple of years in the weaqther :D .
  8. Give me any colour I don't have to clean. I've found the best colours for not needing to be cleaned include matt black, satin black, dark black, midnight black, black hole black, flat black, gloss black, captain blackbeard black, tunnel black, mineshaft black, off black, black black, and one of my absolute favourites, black!
  9. So Chef in the motorcycle world of fashion you live in black is the new black ?

    actually black shows up dirt like a bastard

    silver is a colour that hides dirt and dust the best
  10. Wheels should be brake dust grey.
  11. ...Bernard Black, Back in Black, Cilla Black, Jack Black, arse crack black...
  12. I favour bikes that are a mixture of rust brown, oil mist black, ally oxide white and, if they must have paint, primer grey. Seats should be whatever colour of duct tape my employers favour.

    They don't have much resale value by the time I've finished with 'em, but they don't get stolen and seem to go just as well as shinier examples.
  13. Dammit, now you tell me. Mine used to be silver until I painted....

    ...wait for it...


    I love it too, none of this worrying about stonechips malarky, my only worry is do I have enough cans of black :D

    ...and when the po-po are given a description it's always the "bike was black". After I've converted everybody to black they'll never find me......mwahahahaha

    Bernard has to be the pick of the bunch there hands down. Went and saw Bill Bailey last night at the Palaise. I got given 'the little book of calm' for my birthday, f*cked if I know why.

    You'd love mine Pat, all of my modifications were carried out on the side of the road.

    ...and i feel quite comfortable leaving the key in it to go into shops, if I found somebody sitting on it I'd just say "I dare ya".

  14. Nobody wants to brush up against my bikes, let alone sit on them. Lovingly polished machines tend to cower away from them in case it's contagious.

    Mind you, on that note, the last couple of mornings I've parked next to a battlescarred and bepanniered BMW GS with South Carolina plates and a thick coating of WA's finest red dirt, in the vain hope that some of its massively abundant supply of cred will rub off on my wage-slave commuter.

  15. Bulldust.

  16. Did you also get THE HISTORY OF SCREAMING?

    Fixed that for you PatB!
  17. Ummm nope, is it in the little book of calm?

  18. That front end takes the worst aspects of girders, combines them with the worst aspects of telilever, makes it chunkier and highlights it by painting it a ghastly colour
  19. ^ Agreed. When I found it, I thought it was trying to incorporate 3 Ducati frames wherever they'd fit.