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Allowed to register pit bikes legally.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by kyro_02, Mar 23, 2008.

  1. I am not sure how long this has been out for, but i've only just read up on, 125cc pit bikes (like thumpsters basically?) are road registerable now, or so i've found out.

    http://www.motovert.com/ --- Click on the "RX" link at bottom of page


    what's ya'll take on this? i think it would be great for a round town bash about, but I guess I can see a lot of car drivers and especially 4x4's being on the edge... lol
  2. This would be ok for fun in the bush and buying petrol in the small country town, which is what a lot of people use monkeybikes for. Could be a lot
    of fun in the city if you use it on the appropriate speed zone roads.
  3. Just needs the circus monkey
  4. You will get run over.
  5. Rec registered?
  6. The bike linked isn't the one in the OP. The linked one's got lights and mirrors etc. If the importers have put it through the ADR compliance process, why not?

    The ADRs don't specify that the bike must not look ridiculous. There's nothing in there that would be particularly difficult for a reasonable pit bike to meet.
  7. Why not? See my previous post.
  8. Well, yeah, but you could apply the same argument to restricted 50 cc scooters :grin: .

    Come to that, there are plenty of the untutored who'd apply the same general principle to real bikes.
  9. hmmm road registered pit bike with motard wheels :shock: Skate park anyone? :cool: :cool:
  10. True, I withdraw my objections :)
  11. Well they'd want to meet emission laws requirenents.
  12. Apart from noise, and a generic prohibition on making visible smoke, there aren't any applicable to bikes in Australia.

    The little, Honda derived four stroke singles are a piece of the proverbial to silence if you're not looking for the ultimate in horsepower and they don't smoke when new (and not much when completely shot).

    Compared to four wheeled vehicles, motorcycles are easy to compliance.
  13. we have a couple up here in Bundy registered

    $3000 + ORC seems a little steep but they are motovert not ebay specials

    i have been overtaken by one when i was sitting on 100 so being able to ride at highways speeds doesnt seem to be a problem

    not sure how long they would last but we have some unregistered ones at our club and they have done 2 full seasons or racing without any problems
  14. Best