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Allow myself to introduce...myself

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by edgelett, Dec 13, 2005.

  1. thought I should do this since I have a few posts up now..

    My name is Tash, I live in Adelaide. I got my learners permit in August and currently ride a 2001 Honda CB250. I'm 29 yrs old.

    I've been riding motorbikes since I was 13, started on a Honda XR75 trail bike. used to go out riding every weekend with my dad & little brother. fell in love with riding then & am annoyed it took me so long to get my licence!!

    I am a Honda fan, hope to get a Hornet 600 when I get my full licence. i encouraged my boyfriend to get his licence 2 years ago cause he always wanted one too - he got a ZZR250 to start with & now rides a 2003 Honda CB1300 with Micron exhaust system (looks awesome).

    my parents were very against me getting my licence since dad had a bad crash when he was younger & is now deaf in one ear. he claims the greatest ever bike is a Triumph Bonneville 1969. since my other half & I both got our licence though he's starting to feel the pull of the road.

    I'm booked in to do my advanced course in Feb & can't wait. I ride to & from work every day (except in the rain) and am a fan of nice rides through long sweeping corners rather than death rides at 200kph into a cliff...mind you if someone here could get a CB250 to go that fast I'd be impressed!!

    Well that's me. See ya!

  2. G'day edgelett!

    Welcome to the forum...
  3. Welcome to the forums Edgelett!
  4. welcome to our little place.. :D
  5. Hi Tash. Welcome to the nuthouse. :D
  6. Nice intro, and welcome. :)
  7. Welcome edgelett :D :D . Love your intro .
  8. Welcome to Sillytown.
  9. Welcome edgelett, we seem to be getting a few numbers in SA now!
  10. Welcome, welcome, Welcome! :)
  11. Hey edgelett, welcome to the forums :D
  12. Yay more SA numbers!!!

    Hopefully see you at coffee tonight!
  13. Gday and welcome to the fishbowl

    Cheers 8)
  14. What a nice intro. Welcum.

    Great to see netriders growing :)