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Allow Motorcycles to use Commonwealth Games lanes

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by jdkarmch, Mar 9, 2006.

  1. MRAA Media release today 9th March 2006

    Commonwealth Games Lane Ban on Motorcycles is “Ludicrous”

    The Motorcycle Riders Association of Australia has branded the exclusion of motorcycles from the reserved Commonwealth Games traffic lanes as “ludicrous”.

    President of the MRAA, Mr Dale Maggs, today stated that the Government had ignored a request from VicRoads own Victorian Motorcycle Advisory Council to permit motorcycles to use these lanes.

    He stated “Studies worldwide have shown that motorcycles do not impede traffic. Motorcycles are shown not to hold up buses and are permitted to share bus lanes in most jurisdictions. The idea that permitting them to use these lanes might hold up Commonwealth Games traffic is totally ludicrous. As usual, no real consideration has been given to motorcycles in the planning process and their advantages have been totally overlooked.”

    Mr Maggs stated that the Government has passed on an opportunity to ease congestion by reducing traffic in the remaining lanes and could also improve motorcyclists safety by separating motorcycles from most cars (if only for a short time). He further stated that it is not too late to remedy this situation and called on the Government to rethink this policy.

    For further information please contact Dale Maggs by email at president@mraa.org.au
  2. in other words
    ..they don't give a s**t about us riders

    guess we already knew that :evil:
  3. This is worse than Today Tonight's beat-ups :roll:
    What makes riders so special that we shoudl be different than every other road user for a 10 day period?

    Where did that idea come from? I thought they ignored you?

    But hang-on ... in the lane splitting submission, the MRA said that splitting eases congestion. Since they're is no law change specifically for the games dis-allowing congestion, how will that lack of motorbikes using games lanes make congestion better or worse?
  4. :rofl: :rofl:

    So nothing is done about trying ot get riders to be allowed to use bus lanes all year but now that the Comm Games are in town for a pissy 10-12 days you want to jump up and down crying that for those 10-12 days you cant use special lanes marked out for comm games traffic??????

    I suppose you will all support mr ????? with his retarted plan to protest at Parliament during the games?

    Excuse me whilst I change out of my pants, I just wet them :roll:

    EDITED -Mod

  5. Um the fact our bikes don't congest traffic like cars do....
  6. Vic is this constant BS you post after anything JDK posts something personal?? ...

    Mr ???? Wow, I get warnings for calling someone a wanker... Oh well i guess its ok for me to call people ???? tho, your leading by example is great..

  7. Exactly .. so why do we need special access to games lanes for a 10 day period?

  8. So why would it hurt??
  9. It probably wouldn't ... but the fact we can't is hardly what I would call ludicrous and requiring of press releases :roll: Like I said .. the likes of Today Tonight and Derryn Hinch would be proud of this beat-up :)
  10. Exactly.....

    The squeeky wheel gets the grease.... Maybe they're trying to get squeekier at the right time to get the grease that isn't being applied...
  11. ... MRAA are just staying on message.

    The gov is banning all non games vehicular traffic in their special lane... but bikes don't cause congestion, so why ban bikes?

    Beat up or no, it's an on message media release to re-emphasise the noncongestion message about mbikes, using a thinly veiled/popular/prominent/related item as the foot in the door.

    It's classic PR.


  12. Thank god - someone can see the reason for the media release. Yes, it does need to be be re-emphasised, and we all need to take whatever opportunity we can to ask "Why can't we use things like special lanes set aside for special people?"

    What they are doing is grouping us in with cars - just because we have an engine. Motorcycles are more like bicycles, they have a similar footprint, don't impede traffic and make a better contribution to reducing traffic congestion.

    In my opinion, motorcycles should be given the same rights as bicycles. They should be allowed to use bicycle lanes etc.

    I can't see any cyclist being fined for using the Comm Games lanes. Is it fair that just because we have engines that we be treated like cars.
  13. So whats going on as far as protests against lane splitting laws ?????
  14. Ummm, no, I don't agree with this action so therefore I express my right to voice my opinion on the matter. It has nothing to do whith JDK posting it, It does not matter who posted it, it could have been Johnny Howard, I would still have said what I said.
    Just because you don't agree with my decision gives you no right to label me as a 10 year old.

    No, you can call THAT specific person Mr. ???? if you like. I don't go around abusing all and sundry, but this person I despise and make no secret about that fact.

    So I ask you the same question, do you always speak this bullshit everytime I post in response to something I don't like?


  15. NO

    Bicycles should pay for the tarmac they use. instead of me paying for them. 0 licencing. 0 road rules. (i almost got whiped out by a bicycle running a red light and a car taking evasive action.

    a motorcycle is a motorcycle. not a car not a bus not a bicycle not a pedistrian. all of the above are classed as 'traffic'

    and for my final thaught. i wouldnt ride my bike through broken glass, rubish tires boxes crates with nails broken down burnt out cars etc. im sure bicycles dont like it either.

  16. But Vic, you hate everything we all say, don't you?

    You hate us all, is what it sounds like.....

    Wouldn't that be closer to the point ?:p :p :p :p

    And where did DC come into it? Didn't you hear - he is on a disciplinary warning from the MRA and his Life Membership looks like being terminated ....
  17. No. If I did then no one would have a voice on here

    He came into it because he is using the comm games to grandstand, sadly I think that this press release is doing the same thing.
    There are times and places for creating noise, personally, doing anything during the comm games is silly as we, as a state, are on show to the world.

    Do it after the games and you have my support, if in fact I agree with whatever it is that you're making noise about. :LOL:
  18. But then there is no games special lanes, which would defeat the whole purpose,
    not to interupt the games, as there is no protest ride scheduled, but to raise the issue of Motorcycles being taken into account when Pollies/Public servants make up these silly rules and regulations.

    Even you and mouth must be in favour of that
  19. So how much explosives can you squeeze into the "boot" of an Across??

    Seeing that "worried dabout Terrorism" red herring was used in media reports.

    Riders ask to be treated like other road users but want special rights to use the games lanes.
  20. Nothign silly at all about the games lanes .. I applaud them for it