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Allow me to introduce myself...

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by GugaWedge, Jul 2, 2015.

  1. I am not "a man of wealth and taste" as the other guy but I do love these 2 wheeled amazing things we call motorcycles.

    Been riding for twenty odd years which makes me ... old.

    Am the proud owner of a few bikes that I share with my wife (and then she steals them and calls them hers).

    Would like to thank you all for helping make the community as good as it is and please keep safe. See you on the twisties...

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  2. Welcome, and consider yourself introduced!
  3. welcome aboard :]
  4. Hello and welcome to NR GugaWedgeGugaWedge, it's nice to see caring and "sharing" man, especially when we are talking bikes ;) What bikes have you got?
  5. Welcome to the forum.
  6. Thanks guys! Working ones at the moment are a Duc 848 Streetfighter and a MT-09.
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  7. Welcome to NR...
  8. G'day GugaWedgeGugaWedge, welcome to Netrider. Not a bad deal that, sharing bikes between the two of you!
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