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Allooo PpLz~

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by MissElusive, Jul 4, 2007.

  1. A big hello to all the people out there!! Im not a rider yet but is soon to be. Even though blessed with the height of 5"2 that aint gonna stop me!!
    Was gonna book in for L's today but taste of bad weather and no car made it not an option :(

    I will be doin it asap and i hope to get as much help and knowlegde though after reading some things on here has been more than help.. very inspiring and worth remembering.

    thanx guys! :wink:
  2. Allo 'allo! :LOL:
  3. Hello there!
  4. sarpz :grin:
  5. oh i have been looking for you all my life :LOL: misselusive :p

    welcome to netrider
  6. me? are u sure?! lol
  7. Advertising the address for ya 21st online eh. :LOL:

    Gatecrashed at all?

    [​IMG] or is that elusive as well? Bloody net noobs!

    Nevertheless the [​IMG] extends his [​IMG]

  8. ~called broken english
  9. Many apologies. I didnt realise English was your 2nd language. [​IMG]

    Take it that extends to not being able to read the English rules about registering multiple
    accounts because as soon as you logged out as 'MissElusive', 'someone' logged in straight
    away again as 'Elusive', & both nics were registered within 24hrs of each other.



    Coincidence? You tell me! My bet is posts under Elusive now become just that. [​IMG]


  10. ~english is a second language but i am fully fluent!! it just maybe my laziness to type the rest that makes its broken :shock:

    *coughs* ..i was here first!! lol
  11. hey hey welcome to the forums.

    could be worse we could all speak leet. :roll:
  12. Yes it is such a coincidence that 2 Elusives came onto these forums at the same time. She actually introduced me to this and there is so much information in regards to Bikes that I had to join.

    Will be riding hopefully soon once I get my a** into gear

    *The Original Elusive* :p
  13. LOL!! tri is that u?!?!? i see u when i see u!!! coulda used another nick.... *COUGHS**
  14. Eh,
    Nothing wrong with being 5'2.
    I'm not far off!!! 5'3!
    All I can say is thank god they can lower bikes, or we would all be stuck on 250's (those with the dreaded "duckdisease" so i call it). I have been described as a flea on a a bike lol. There is not a lot of me! So I know where you are coming from!
  15. :woot: :woot:
    Yipee twins!
    Welcome girls. Good to see another adelaidian pair entering the brother and sister hood, or should that be person hood. You know what I mean.
    Good luck with getting L's and the whole bike scene.
    See ya on the road some day.
  16. OK who left the internet door open, another bloody crow eater!

    G'day and welcome to the friendliest nut house this side of belleview. :tantrum: :tantrum:
  17. yea trying to get as much of my family n friends into bikes.. not many think its the right choice though :?
  18. it will come with time :)

    but the more people i associate with that ride.. the more of my other freinds want to see what the fuss is about.
  19. Welcome to the NR family.. :grin:
  20. Of course it is the right choice :wink: There is no other way to get around. Good luck getting the Ls.