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Allo from an old member with a new name

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by White Frost, Jan 20, 2012.

  1. Hi guys, it has been a while but I'm finally back on a bike. Netrider was invaluable the first time round when I first started riding (2004) as a young chickadee with no experience at all of motorbikes - I can confidently say that without the advice and assistance of some great mates I have met on Netrider and the rides that I was able to join in on from the forum, I would probably have never progressed from doing 40km/h around my local backstreets (or met my (now) long suffering boyfriend!). Started on a ZXR250A (in Kwaka green, of course!) and then progressed to a Zx6RR, which was stolen and never recovered about 3 years ago. AAMI was great and paid out but it has taken me until now to finally find another bike I love and to jump back into it all. There seems to be very few people that I know from the "old days" (I think most have sold their bikes and gone off to get married/settle down/have babies!) but it seems that the fabulous Netrider community spirit that I first experienced in '04 is still very much alive and kicking. Looking forward to meeting some new faces at coffee nights and rides and hopefully seeing some familiar friendly faces as well!

  2. Welcome to NR, again! :D
  3. White Frost, isnt that the stuff found on the shoulders of the 'old generation' ? lol
    welcome back, good to see you have wheels again, keep smiling :)
  4. so what was your old username?

    Welcome (back) to Netrider, and hopefully riding again :)
  5. Hi White Frost and welcome back