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Allen Key For ZZR250 Front Axle

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by puppywarewolf, Aug 21, 2004.

  1. Hey guys, anyone know where to get an allen key for a ZZR250 front axle. Went to Bunnings but the largest one they had there was a 10mm. I think from measuring the axle allen nut or whatever you call it, was about 12mm.... So can any one suggest where I can get something that large?

    Thanking you all for your responses from my previous posts... And to those as well who appreciate my silly sense of humour. I am not well you know.


  2. measure the width i got a draw full of the things.
  3. Width from side to side is 12mm. Where do they sell Allen Keys.... the LARGE size ones? As I said above Bunnings only go to 10mm. I thought they carried everything!! They sell hesian hippy carry bags... but NO Allen Keys bigger than 10mm!!!!

    Okay now, bye bye.

    YOUR ZZRPUP, passing the savings onto YOU.
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  5. Spark plug spanner

    Hey puppywarewolf,
    Kawasaki have a habit of making one end of the spark plug spanner fit the front axle.
    The one on my zrx is 22mm and the plug spanner fits it. If you still have the origional tool kit, check it out...
  6. Thanks for that Plane... We tried it, and it just came up a little short. Very very close though.


    The ZZR250 PUP
  7. turn up friday night
    and try a few of others , , if andys (lodgers) coming in he may bring a few differant ones to try
  8. Thanks for the invite Grobert, but I can't make it down there Friday Nights cause I gig. I play four nights a week at the moment, so it makes it hard to maintain a healthy social life.... My life consists of playing drums in a band and talking to drunk people, and then try and fit in some riding and sleep. I also have a full time day job as well. So it's pretty hectic dooood. Maybe you guys can come down to one of our shows and body rock with us.

    Cheers All!!


    (did you spot the "breakdance" reference?)
  9. Firefling and I are occasionally looking for somewhere to go after coffee, where do you play Friday nights?
  10. Firefling, The band is called PLAYDOH (I didn't have anything to do with the name, thank God. LOL). We are a top 40, retro, party Coverband.

    At the moment, we play Tuesdays @ Hawthorn Hotel in Burwood Road Hawthorn....... Thursdays we are at the SPARKS BAR at the Sandown Park Hotel complex....... Fridays we start at a place called SHOOTERS in Narre Warren...... and Saturdays we will start at a place called ZAGAMES, Bar Rouge don't know the suburb.

    We just finished residencies at Dakota in Ringwood which were Fridays, and Saturdays we were at the Grand in Essendon.

    We are currently finishing a two week holiday, we start back this Tuesday with a fill in singer, cause our normal singer is away in Europe for another two weeks..... So we will be in full flight again in about three weeks.

    If you are interested you can visit the following links to stay up to date with the band, ... our main domain name isn't functioning properly for some reason.... BUT.. if www.playdohlive.com isn't working, try the following sites.....




    Hope to meet some of you over the coming months.

    Cheers All!!!

    THE ZZR250 PUP
  11. More info on Shooters please as it's in my neck of the woods!
  12. It's between the cop shop and the bowling alley in Narre.
    Just checked out your website pup, Hopefully Firefling and i will get down soon and check you guys out. Looks like a fun night!!
  13. And Deb wants to know which one you are :p
  14. LOL Karen, keep up with the times girly, I have already worked that one out :wink: :LOL:
  15. Damnit, I shoulda known....
  16. I thought you knew me better than that :?
  17. Didn't that used to be Brass Monkey or some such thing?
  18. No Brass Monkey is further around
  19. No, Brass Monkey was at Fountain Gate Shopping Centre, did some shows there in February AWESOME stage.... It is now called the Furnace.

    In regards to Shooters I don't know much about that place at all. The venue is a new one for the agency we belong to. So we'll just have to see how it pans out.

    So, if you picked out who I was, you will have no problem coming up and saying hi then!! Next Friday, the countdown is on!!!

    Cheers all, and how cool was the sale today??? I bought a pair of medium winter gloves, and the left glove is slightly bigger than the right glove, and I can't return them for exchange, bummer huh?

    Did Healsville to Reefton today as well. First time, and what a F#$%^N Awesome BUZZ!!!!!

    Bye Bye

    ZZR250 PUP.
  20. O.K. Pup... Try this...
    If you have a 1/4 or 3/8 inch drive socket set, turn the spark plug socket the wrong way round (remove the little rubber thingy inside) and use it!