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All you tailgaters...DIE!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Johnny Come Lately, Apr 7, 2006.

  1. #1 Johnny Come Lately, Apr 7, 2006
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  2. wonder if that meets ADR requirements? :)
  3. that man is my hero

  4. That is pretty sweet....but i think his rack bag might be a bit worse for wear now! :shock:
  5. What can I say YANKS :shock: :grin:
  6. Haha how cool would that be.
  7. Sensational stuff - thanks for sharing :cool:
  8. ill bet riding pillion is a hoot!!
  9. A touch more effective than giving the finger I guess...
  10. In my case case yeah! Chairman. forget cafe racer, can we fit one of these to the SRV instead?
  11. I spend a lot of time on the ring road for work, and therefore cop a proverbial arse load of tailgaiters, most of them bloody b-double trucks.

    My plan is to one day get 1 to 2 truck horns, put them backwards on the underside of the tray of the ute and link them to an activation switch AND a secret kill switch (in case the boys in blue get a bit curious) and just wait for somebody to tailgait me before blasting them with the full force of a nasty fright that with any luck will get them away from my rear end.
  12. I heard about cars in Sth Africa being fitted with flame throwers to get rid of car jackers as it's that bad there... nice little alarm system, might try install one for my bike :p
  13. Yeah it is a really cool trick.

    If anyone is actually seriously interested it's not actually hard to do. You can buy the kit for about $100 (including shipping) and with it you too can do what you see in the video.

    Basically it just disrupts the ignition (i gather by transfering the spark to the inition module you install in your exhausts. This stops the fuel being burnt in the cyclinder and sends it out the exhaust, being ignited by the flame thrower kit.



    P.S. if you do a bit of googling you will find a couple of different companies that make the kit :smile:
  14. that is totally insane!!!

    cool, but probably not a good idea in the aussie bushland!
  15. wot about in the CBD... :LOL:
  16. So, you have a tailgater and you want to activate a system that cuts your ignition, effectively slowing the bike without activating a brake light. So which bit is going to scare the tailgater, the pretty little flame out the exhaust or the crunch noise as they run into the back of you?? :shock:

    Back to square 1 on the planning me thinks........ :?
  17. Actualy he does state that
    He says he didn't use that method He says that his cost about US$700
  18. oh no, that seems perfectly safe & legal to me.