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All year textile jacket recommendations

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Legildur, Nov 7, 2005.

  1. More old Dririder Gold Series jacket is nearing the end of it's useable life. The black had faded across the upper back and shoulders, velcro has torn loose of its stitching, and it no longer keeps me dry in heavy downpours. When you combine my increased annual mileage for the daily commute with the jacket's lack of any body armor, the getting wet in a downpour was the last straw. I need a new jacket!

    I ride a CBR600F4 all year in Canberra, so temperatures from -7C up to 37C. And I tend to get around at a reasonable pace on the safer roads, so some protection is certainly warranted.

    I've been eyeing off the Dririder Summit2 jacket, the Force Tech? jacket (can't find anything on the Net about this jacket), and the Dririder Rallycross jacket (with optional kit) as they seem to be the only jackets that MIGHT meet an all year requirement. Venting in summer is particularly important when you are wearing a business shirt and tie to work and don't want large sweat stains on arrival after getting stuck in traffic (or what passes for traffic here anyway).

    Am I asking too much of one jacket? If not, which one would suit best? Does the Summit2 get enough airflow with the vents open and liner removed? Advice please.
  2. personally, i like to have 2 jackets. i dont like wearing a long jacket unless its necessary but sometimes the shortie just will not do the trick. shorties are lighter and cooler for summer and longies are heavier and warmer for winter, and both are fine for in-between weather too.

    shop around and you should be able to get the both for around the same sort of money as one with enuff vents and liners to be that versatile :D
  3. I have the summit and am just starting to find that it may be too much for the comming summer.

    I have the luxury of being able to wear almost anything I like to work so it has been fine so far.
    I will soon be looking for a dry mesh type jacket for the days that are above 30.

    I understand that the placement of the vents on the summit2 are a little better so not sure how that will effect things.

    one thing I will say is that it's more the sun strenth than the air temp that zaps me so go for the silver summit2 if thats the one you choose and when you are riding you can put up with a hotter temp than stationary, or dashing into the shops on the way home ;)
    as soon as you start walking in the gear on a warm day it gets a bit much!
  4. I've got a normal textile all-weather one which is pretty good in the wet and on tour etc.

    On the weekend I threw $250 at a Joe Rocket Phoenix summer mesh jacket which, apart from making me look like a power ranger, is a shitload nicer to ride in when it's hot.

    Now here I am stuck with it and it's raining rhinocerouses. If only I'd ponied up the extra $250 and got the Joe Rocket Alter Ego... That one is an all-weather that has zip-off panels on it to reveal mesh underneath when it's hot.
  5. Loz,

    I was looking at the Joe Rocket Phoenix, I thought it came with a waterproof lining which could be removed.

    Is this not sufficient for a down pour?

    I really need one soon too, it's getting too warm in my Spidi RS jacket, it's way too warm for anyday over 20degrees.

    are you happy with it? would you recommend it?
  6. After only really having cool weather gear for 13 years I have just bought a DriRider Airflow Jacket and MotoDry summer pants. The jacket allows a lot of airflow on the warm days with all the liners removed. It comes with a waterproof liner that zips inside the armoured airflow shell and then a quilted liner zips into that. You will need more on your -7 days but it would be great on your 37 days.
  7. Legildur, I bought a Motodry jacket and pants at TJ's in Braddon a few months ago and I'm loving them. Pants are waterproof and have a removable liner for the really cold weather. Jacket has removeable waterproof liner and a removable winter liner as well.

    Wore them up to the Snowy Ride last weekend. It was 4 seasons in one day - hot one minute, freezing the next, hail, rain, you name it, we copped it. But the Motodrys held up in all conditions. Very happy with the purchase!

    Hubby bought a Dingo jacket, also from TJ's. It held up pretty well but he said he felt a bit sweaty in the arms. The wet weather liner is not removable, although it does have zip-open vents. I don't know that it will be much good in the peak of summer.

    PS: I bought a Joe Rocket mesh jacket as well but haven't worn it yet. It's going back to the shop because I found a seam on the arm that has not been sewn properly, still has the tacking in it but no proper stitching. If you're looking at a Joe Rocket, check it over thoroughly before you take it home!
  8. I have the RallyCross with option pack and love it. As warm as my previous Spidi jacket in Winter, zips out to a mesh jacket allowing plenty of airflow, decent armour, and camelback. Haven't had any leaks in rain. I am yet to wear it on a really scorching hot day, but given the times I have worn it as mesh only, I would think that it would be just about as cool as it would be with just a shirt.
  9. Just an update on my jacket hunt. I eventually settled on a Dririder Rallycross for $269 (haven't bought the upgrade pack yet) on sale.

    The jacket is great in the Canberra summer and I'm really happy with it on the whole.

    Although there are a couple of little things I don't like about it:

    - A bit fiddly do up both wet weather liner and the main jacket.
    - No upper pockets on outside of jacket (but these would reduce airflow, so I accept that is an intentional design).

    I got to test the waterproofing very thoroughly the other when we had a massive downpour (couple of inches during the afternoon). There was very heavy rain coming down and water everywhere on the roads - and the jacket DIDN'T LEAK one drop during the 25 mins it took me to reach home. I was very impressed.

    However, I was less than impressed that as the water penetrated the airflow lining, and struck the waterproof lining, that the water ran down the sleeves and into my waterproof gloves - which quickly filled with water....... I don't think that the cuffs will fit comfortably over the winter gloves, but I'll experiment, as wet gloves are not acceptable!

    Edit: Light rain this morning and no leaking into gloves (and cuffs won't fit over bulky winter gloves). Love the jacket :grin:

    Overall, very happy and 4/5 stars.
  10. i just bought an joe rocket alter ego jacket for the trip down to vic..

    I now have 6 jackets :)

    definetly time for a post in the for sale threads :D
  11. Or perhaps a new wardrobe for your garage.
  12. The Dririder Rallycross Jacket is seriously cool. :cool:
  13. I had an Orino Jacket that lasted me ages, but they dont seem to sell Orino gear in Aus...
  14. well i just got a shift airflow jacket of e-bay with armour on shoulders and elbows .Hope it stays hot for a while as it works really well especially for $90.00 :grin: :grin:
  15. I've got a Dririder summit - bloody horrible in summer! The worst part is the inner liner, which is like a plastic raincoat. Unless you're wearing a long sleeve shirt, it sticks to you via the layer of sweat and holds the heat in really badly. Wearing a long sleeve shirt is more comfortable, but it ends up drenched in sweat anyway.

    Can't say the summit keeps me particularly dry, either. water pretty quickly soaks through the fabric (especially on the front against the tank, where there's continual contact).

    I certainly did like the look of the dririder rallycross, and wish i'd bought it instead!

  16. Personally, I went for the Dri Rider Climate. Has a winter liner and a waterproof line that both can be zipped out to alow the airflow throught mesh. It also contains CE armour on elbows, shoulders and back.