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all weather Saddle bags

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by mav, Jul 16, 2012.

  1. anyone got any suggestions as per title?

    something that wont crack/split from exposed sunlight / heat, water proof, light enough to carry around, decent price, can carry at least a couple of 6packs of beer in each

  2. Saddle bags are for old blokes,young blokes will hardly put up with camel toe.
  3. if i can get my face into it it's all good

    but back on topic...
  4. PM me for advice.
  5. I had a girlfriend like that once :)
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  6. Mine were supposed to be waterproof and they are if it is only light rain nothing gets in from the top, however I found out on the Eden trip that stuff got wet from underneath. Mind you it was really heavy at times and quite deep puddles on the road.

    Sorry, my mistake I thought you were actually after useful advice
  7. Have you looked at Hepco and Becker?
  8. Get leather saddle bags dude..............I crashed on mine and the damn thing survived like nothing happened...............I had full grocery in there too.

    I recon I could fit could fit more than a case on both..........

    You could have mine if you want, just come ova.
  9. I've had several sets of all-weather saddlebags (though I prefer the term throw-overs), as in, they've let all the weather in.

    Carrier bags and bin liners shall be your salvation, carrier bags and bin liners.
  10. The postie ones are the best I have used. And they still collect water at the bottom.
    Heavy duty garbage bags are the go.
    And who knows when you'll have a dead body to chop up. Great I have bin liners for all the parts...:)
  11. Your dad's not called Harry by any chance? :D
  12. I've had no problems with standard leather saddle bags being exposed to years of sunlight and outdoor storage. I give them a treatment of boot polish once a year. I find that they're pretty weatherproof on the inside too, but like others have suggested I use bin liners to be sure.

    The next thing I need to do is find a way to make them secure from the theft of the contents. For example, on my daily commuter, it would be nice to keep a tool kit permanently in there. My tools kits include some bulkier items such as tyre foam, wet weather pants, etc.
  13. I suppose you could keep a really bad tempered ferret in each one. Or perhaps an example of your local flavour of lethally venomous reptile :D.
  14. Pat, I treat my ferrets with respect.
  15. Mine doesnt, well it didnt before it had a hole in it...........I used to wash my bike with a hose with the saddle bag still on and not a drop of water...............The leather was thick.

    Id love to use a cruiser saddle bag in the ninja but id look too much of a dork, much more so than I am now heheh.......

    So Mav, tell me when you want it, come down anytime..........but just tell me though so I could put some beers in the freezer............i know how some people are precious with their beer :p
  16. Hi Mav,
    I have notice a pair of saddlebags that may meet your reqirements on www.bibblebar.com. They are up near Brisbane and they have a good price on them as well.
  17. there is also edge brackets and edge bags. (USA)
    edge bags are made from tek leather (looks / feels like leather but doesn't dry out/crack, water resistant/proof (still need to test), light weight, hard backed with metal rim frame (can stand on them - strong construction).

    suzuki volusia 800 edge brackets have kits to fit the bike with & without backrest.
  18. I have the second ones here on my vulcan, 2 weeks in constant rain and they had softened but no water in them.
    Kept their shape due to linings.
    Not getting a kickback but I am a happy customer.
    I just posted about their version of edge brackets stainless steel for $175 - less if you buy bags at the same time.
    More info

    The guy lives and works from his home down near Beenleigh, Qld
  19. I have done a poduct review on the bikersfriend saddlebag. I have found the quality great, waterproof and doesnt collapse. As i am not a big fan of side saddlebags and this suits me.