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All UK citizens in ID database by 2017

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by pro-pilot, Mar 8, 2008.

  1. Here we go. So all the clams calling conspiracy theory are being shut up. :roll: This is the begining of an exact play out of 1984, and no one is rasing a finger to take to the streets!
    Just shows you what a decade of indoctrination and brainwashing in schools, the media and institutions.


  2. so what??
    you have a TFN, MCN, and possibly a CRN for centrewank.
    they have all of us in a handy database too.
    NSW RTA now has face recognition to check your mug (saved to database) against the previous mug on your drivers licence.
    we are already further under the thumb than the brits.
    so on this one, chicken little, the sky fell long ago ;)
  3. still no date on implanting us with micro chips? i would take a bet at 2025 voulantary and 2030 mandotory
  4. :LOL:
    do you bark at shadows in the night?
  5. No, but I have been known to sit down in the middle of the road and scratch my ear with my foot.....
  6. here you go PP

  7. actually this is more serious than it might appear.

    one of two things will happen. but the result will be the same
    1. the project -like the US dept of homeland securities initiatives - will cost billions and fail ridiculously and surrunding data will become compromised.
    2. the project will be implemented correctly (impossible) and will then become compromised through hacker/corruption.

    joel what you have described is not a problem, becuase it is your details, in non-connected databases protected by laws preventing the connection of the database information. the difficulty of hacking - or corrupting those involved in managing - these systems is spread across a wider field making it harder to penetrate the entire system without a major paper trail and/or weak link.

    centralising such a large databse of all your info (including medical) create an irresistable target, worse the consequenses of this being compromised are massive. if you had access to the information stored on this database,the ease at which you coul blackmail someone is ridiculous, you could sell info to companies for their marketing purposes, steal someones identity, discriminate according to their medical status. etcetc

    this isn't about govts and their spying.this isn't a conspiracy it is merely stupidity . Despite countless examples of this being a bad system, govts still believe themselves immune to other peoples experiences, they think centralising everything will make them more efficient. this won't help them spy on us 1984 style. because computers are not capable of achieving what they think they are. they hear "electronic" they think 'secure' when in fact it is the opposite.

    this is a system that won't work, will cost billions and will only disadvantage people.
  8. pftt you western people need to chill out
    malaysia has had ID cards for 50 years..... works extremely well although with some problems but i can tell you it easy to get a phone plan or sign up for something without carrying a suitcase full of documents....
    you get one when you are born, update when 12 and again when 18. if anybody has seen the cards, it is one of the most modern and sophisticated there is in the world with biometric fingerprints and important details.
  9. ^^
    yeah! you silly round eyed westerners.
  10. with respect, malaysia is not a country I would hold up as a poster child for democracy or a place with civil liberties.
    nor would I use their smart card as an example of something that 'works well'

    even the most basic google search provides you with your answers. To take a page out of PPs book:

  11. As the saying goes, even paranoids have enemies... Apart from the fingerprints and photographs South Australia has snuck a database in. I believe that ALL State Govt info is linked into one single system now. I was talking to someone who had assisted in putting it together at the weekend.

    I've also heard that if you have any outstanding debt with the State Govt including things like Land Tax etc I've heard you can't do things like re-register your vehicles - while I'm not sure about that but I know it's true that any unpaid fines for any offences mean no renewals of rego until paid.
  12. What are ya gunna do? :?