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All to regular

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by live4themoment, Mar 8, 2007.

  1. I was heading down a main road today when coming up to a t section which had traffic lights mine were green and as was taught i kept my eye on the other traffic when i got 20 meters out from the cross a car which would have been in the turn left at anytime lane with 3 guys in it which when i was looking they were all looking at me but yet for some stupid reason i dont know if they thought they could make it or what but they started to pull out. By the time they were coming into my lane and then they put the brakes on because the reliesed i was right on top of them i was halfway in front of their car. Lucky for them and me i put into practice from what i learnt at the course about preparing urself when coming up to crossings get ready to brake or swerve. But what really annoyed me is that i know they saw me because all the windows were down and i was looking strait at 2 of them and could see them looking. I tell you usually i am not an outwards person but there were alot of hand gestures coming from me i can assure u. What is about some drivers they see u but yet seem not to think.

  2. wellits as my insturctor said when i did my P's course, its not that they dont see motorcycles when they hit them, its that they seen the bike but were looking for a car so the motorcycle doenst register to their brains, this is the same reason alot of cars pull out in front of trucks as well, lets face it if you dont see a 40 tonne truck coming there is something wrong
  3. Rule 1.
    Never assume someone saw you.
    The windows were down, the driver was looking towards you, but were his eyes sending the signal to his brain, that bike is approaching??

    Lots of people look, but don't see!
  4. Ride as if you are invisible. Never assume anybody has seen you and be prepared for the worse.

  5. thats

    Thats how i avoided anything happening by covering the brake getting ready to downshift and swerve which i used the brake and swerve method.
  6. This is an example of why there are so many accidents.

    Many people cannot judge distances, cannot judge speeds... pathetic really.

    Just remember when you're on the road, half the people surrounding you have, on average, IQs below 100. :p

    As Vale said, "you have to be especially careful, because of the f*ckin' idiots driving the cars".
  7. It's tough though - you want to cover the brake and slow down to give yourself time... but you don't want to appear to be giving way to them [or giving them room/time to go] so that they pull out, either.

    :arrow: Louder pipes :grin:
  8. I'll give way to anyone who wants to 'accidentally' kill me!.

    can zip past them anytime soon.
  9. Did The Driver even have a brain ??? lol
  10. l4tm, good to hear of your near miss, but could you PLEASE make your sentences a little shorter and easier to read?? :).
  11. Commuting to the city for uni recently, and I've had to dramatically change my traffic negotiation and the way I deal with cars. To become more defensive, I've had to be alot more aggressive in terms of not asking for a space when merging, but taking it. And other such general things which I would normally consider 'rude', I've found myself doing to keep myself safe.
  12. Being "seen" is all to do with THREAT POTENTIAL a small (sorry) bike with a "commuter" on it is not considered a threat and therefore not "seen". I was an instructor way back, you did well to take charge and avoid things :applause: . The main thing to remember in situations like that is "it's no good being right if you're DEAD right".
    Personally I take the "threat potential" a fair way up scale with a LOUD black and chrome (mostly) old v twin and wear a cut off denim jacket over the leathers so I look a little like a "bikie" rather than biker. Seems to get me noticed 90% of the time :grin:
  13. +1 had it happen twice in the same day yesterday.
    They just cant judge ur speed on a bike
  14. ...and if you're coming a little quicker than they expect, which is possible, be aware that they're probably doing all their mental calculations on the speed of the other traffic around, and will likely over-estimate the amount of time they have. Basically, bikes being quicker and more manouverable than cars does tend to mean we pop up in unexpected places sometimes and move in unpredictable ways... hence the need to ride as if we're invisible. Kudos on your handling of this one.

    {and I'm liking the idea of requiring *everyone* to start out on a bike and graduate to a car later more all the time - never happen, but it's a nice idea}
  15. Rediculous how people dont pay enough attention... im no angel, i was like them when i first started driving and before i did the L's and P's.. They should include some training or something when you go for your car license... im not sure about everyone else, but recently there was a wave of "share the road ad's with cyclists, someone should think ahead and do the same for motorcyclists..

    good to hear you came out alright, nonetheless