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All things Clutch

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by coaltrain, Jun 29, 2010.

  1. Hi,

    It seems the takeup point on my clutch has moved. The takeup point is now with the clutch nearly all the way out. The bike (2000 VTR250) has only just been serviced so I'm wondering if they've fiddled with the clutch or if perhaps my clutch is on it's last legs.

    I haven't looked closely at the adjustments for the clutch (nor do I know how to fiddle with the adjustments) yet as it only became apparent to me that there was a problem on my way home from work tonight. I thought it was just because I've changed to thicker gloves but the problem seems to have worsened over the last few days.

    Anyone have any pearls of wisdom or advice to impart?

  2. If you have just had the bike serviced they have probably adjusted the slack in the cable at the clutch lever (I am assuming the VTR doesn't have a hydraulic clutch)

    Most cable operated clutches have a knurled knob at the lever which you can turn to either provide more or less slack in the cable. The correct amount of slack is usually about 2mm. If you have an owner's handbook it will probably have a diagram that makes more sense. If you significantly more or than a 2 mm gap or have no gap, you loosen the lock nut and then turn the knurdled knob till you get the right gap.

    Problem is that when you change the take up point it feels weird because you have gotten used to the old point. Doesn't make the new adjustment wrong. just not what you are used to.

    Not sure about the VTR specifically but there is probably a further adjustment for the cable on the other end at the cutch and may also be a separate adjustment on the clutch itself.

    While you hear horror stories about what some shops do to bikes during servie, my guess will be that the adjustment before service was wrong and they have now fixed it.
  3. Hi GreyBM,
    Thanks for taking the time to look at and reply to my post. I think you are probably correct. I really won't get a chance until the weekend now to investigate properly.

    My biggest concerns are that the take up point appears to have moved over a few days after the service (perhaps a locking nut needs to be tightened) and in the current set up all my clutch control has to be done with my hands at full extension with any kind of movement being done with just the very last joint of my fingers on the clutch lever.

    For the sake of closure I'll report back on what the outcome of all this is. I am pleased I didn't get a barrage of replies telling me my clutch was R/S.

  4. OK If the change has come after the service it could simply be the lock niut loosened as you suggested allowing the adjustment to move.

    You should be able to check the gap by observation and not need to wait to the weekend. Simply place light (almost no) pressure on your lever and as a gap opensat the pivot see how big the gap is before you have taken up the slack and need to use actual pressure to move the lever more.

    The symptom you describe may indicate too small a gap or no gap, so I would check that first.
  5. Hi BM,
    Had a play with the fine adjustment (handle bar end) of the clutch cable. Appears to have done the trick. There was no slack in the clutch and the manual suggested about 10-20mm which I reintroduced. Thanks again for your advice.

  6. Sorry to have to say it, but your clutch is obviously R/S.

  7. Glad to hear it's fixed