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All things Bicycles: questions, queries, technique etc

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by robsalvv, Jan 17, 2009.

  1. Thought I'd start a thread where those with bicycles, could ask questions and the experienced cyclists amongst us could answer them.

    So my first question: what to use as chain lube?

    I've got a chain cleaning tool (berluddy ripper, wish they made them for the motorbike) [​IMG]
    Once done I lubed the chain using my motul road... in the youth days I would just use some of dad's car oil but that ended up messy. Anyway, are there any recommendations??

    Just as an aside, I've been working on my spinning and was wondering whether I had it working properly... well I got onto a bike that you could only crank, and fark me, for the first minute I kept pulling my feet off the pedals. Yay. It's working. :)
  2. :LOL: Rob posting up a chain / chain cleaning thread :LOL:

    The bike shop service dept recommended I use Weldtite TF2 Lube (big green can). Its a teflon spray they said could be used on chains, gears, cables etc etc.
  3. LMAO @ myself. I know.

    Weldtite... I'll keep an eye out for it. Thanks mate.
  4. I just use Castrol chain oil to lube mine and kerosene to clean.

    It's also a good idea to periodically remove the chain and chuck it in a jar full of kero and shake really well - amazing the amount of crap that comes off. :shock:
  5. So what have you bought and when do you 'need' to use it?

    I have a Jamis MTB, lovely bike, with semi-slicks for road use and some nice treaded for MTB'ing. Though it's too bloody sticky here at the moment to see me out there.

    Brian used to recommend a special lube (wink wink!!), but I can't remember what it is.

    I've also got a really cool hand pump for the tyres with a multi adaptor. Not cheap @ $100 but it makes a huge difference when pumping those tyres up.
  6. Yeah, I'm a 'fully sick mountainbiker dude'.

    My knuckles don't drag against the ground, nor do I breathe through my mouth, nor i do wear lycra, also, I have hairy legs!

    Now that thats out of the way...

    I do the paintbrush degreaser, toothbrush scrubbing, hot water spray wash for the chain then I lube with very light machine oil (heated in winter). The heavier the weight of oil , then the less time the chain lasts i found over the last 17 years riding pushies was that the oil attracts alot of shit in the bush. The less you have on the outside of the links the less it gunks up. The lightest stuff gets in under the unsealed bits, and any excess you wipe off. Once it starts to evaporate, it goes thicker, but already under the linkage, so all is good.
  7. I do the treadly thing every now & again.

    Chain lube isn't to much of a worry, I use some of that white waxy stuff for the MTBs - 'cause dust/mub take a toll with a lighter lube. And on my roadbike (the one with pedals ) I use mostly WD40, with every 3rd application being a proper chain lube stuff. The thing about my road-bicycle, is that you can put heaps of kms on it before you have to worry about cleaning or lubing the thing.
    Thing I find is to clean off the chain a few times after lubing (after riding as well), because a disgusting bike chain is just disgusting, and it accumilate dirt & goes all black & gundgy.

    Cleaning the chain in an attempt to extend it's life is kinda self defeating really. Sure if it's dirty you clean it, but I've raced some bastard-muddy MTB events, in some cases for over 12hours & there is nothing that'll save your groupset from that.
    Just have fun & make good friends with your dealer.

    I run SDP cleats on all my bikes ( that's the MTB equivilent cleats that still let you walk properly). Only my roadbike has a bike-comp which also has cadence: I usually spin an average of 90 on that. The MTB it's hard to tell what my cadence is, too many other things to worry about out on the singltrack.

    (4x bikes: 2x MTBs -a dually & hardtail both for XC, but selling the hardtail soon. A Roadbike for leg work & gay rolls down Beach Rd as well as in the hills, and a MTB single speed slick-shod commuter for the weekday work run. )

    Plans to run bike-rack on the Hornet (somehow) so I can use that to events.
  8. I've been riding to work for a couple of months already. It becomes main transport in a few weeks.

    I have an old 27" circa 1990 12speed clunker that's in excellent knick and is used for commuting to work. It's set up with panniers and shimano SPD cleats. I also have a Gitane Mach 1800... lovely bike... it's only fresh to the stable and I've only just got the hang of the integrated braking/gearing! It also has SPD compatible cleats... lol purists are throwing tomato's at the screen as we speak.


    I technically have an MTB too, but it's not really counted in the stable since it's going bye byes.

    I hope you acclimatise soon mate! I had set up the MTB with slicks, but I just found the roady much better for commuting duties.

    I'm not sure I want any of Brian's "special" lube. LOL!!

    Damned presta valves!! I've got an air compressor because using a hand pump to 110+psi is a killer!

    Thanks for the hot tips T.Depta. They've been noted. Sounds like the light oil is the way to go. Even the weldtite is a teflon suspension in a light carrier oil.

    Atropos, the instructions for the chain cleaner refered to loading with a cleaning solvent (I use kero), cleaning, dumping the solvent, reloading, recleaning, and repeating till the solvent runs clear. I keep the kero in a container, let the muck settle out and can use the clear kero for the first couple of cleaning cycles. So I reckon if I keep doing that, I shouldn't need to pull the chain off the bike.

    Marx, you seem to be a full blown cycle convert! I'd like to see you put a rack on the Hornet! I'm probably pretty cool on the the idea of WD40 on a bike chain. They don't have sealed rollers like motorbike chains.

    Hmmm... plenty of options!
  9. What are the integrated brake and shifters?
  10. [​IMG]

    This is a Shimano STi 105 right hand shifter for a roadbike (bicycle).
    Pull the big lever in towards the handlebar & you have brakes.
    Move the big silver lever to the side (for this right hand shifter pictured you move it towards that left) & it'll shift up the derailuer on rear cassette to go to a larger cog therefore a 'lower' gear.
    Move the little black lever to the left (the one sitting behind the silver lever) & the rear derailuer will snick down the rear cassette to a smaller cog therefore a 'higher' gear.

    Its the opposite on the left shifter, except the brake lever works the same way.

    If it sounds confusing, it's because the french got the original idea. The japanese just made it reliable. And of course the italians have their own version, with the Americans just bringing out a bicycle shifter claiming that it's the bee's knees, but just looks like a 100yr old idea in carbon fibre.
  11. I have a question for the cyclists..

    I often see people on push bikes riding in peak hour traffic. Do you think it's unhealthy to be excerising in an enviroment where there is so much carbon monoxide around. Surely it would be better for you if you were pasive in a car. Any thoughts ??
  12. Yep, I have a similar style chain cleaner, and do what you do (right down to the kero recycling :grin: ), but once in a while pulling the chain off and giving it a good shake in a jar full of kero works wonders. I have to be honest, I do this maybe twice a year. The rest of the time I just use the clip on chain cleaner and clean the chain on the bike.
  13. A few.
    The beauty in cycling to/from work is the amount of options you have available to you. Sure there is some time spent in traffic, but for me, the commute on the pushbike takes me along a quite river trail, backroads & deserted roadways. The last 2kms of bumper to bumper traffic to take me to my workplace in the CBD it only a small amount of my trip.
    Besides, just because it is stationary traffic, doesn't mean that I'm stationary as well - there is always a gap, somewhere.
  14. How often (lets say in KM's) should you lube the chain?
  15. Nice effort in the explanation mate. Those levers did my head in for a while... until it hit me... move big levers to select bigger cogs, and smaller levers to select smaller cogs. Right = rear, Left = near. Now it's all sweet. :)

    Owen, I have no idea what km's for lube/cleaning the chain... at this stage, I'm going with "when it looks like it needs it".

    I just bought a bike maintenance tool kit off ebay. It apparently has all the tools I need... some I have no idea yet how to use!?!? LMAO
  16. Thats about it.

    The outside links should start getting a black coating of fine dirt and oil. Its at that time when the chain is more dirty than it is clean. Obviously is depends of what riding you do (dusty bush, muddy bush (not worth it), firetrail, road) so there isn't a rule relative to KMs.

    If it looks dirty/black clean it.

    Remember to check between the chainrings/sprockets for gunk.


    I ride Glenrock (general area = -32.957898, 151.728916) roughly twice everyweek. Nothing too suicidal, but certainly no weekend-warrior pace. If you see an angry asshole grunting and puffing and swearing riding a grey coloured one of this or this. Then careful I don't crash into you! :LOL:

    ... or you could jump out in front and say hello.
  17. I miss Glenrock so much. :)

    And to a lesser extent Jesmond Park's trails, but on the bright side Jesmond Park was <1km away from my home instead of 6km. (The views and coastal trails totally make Glenrock worth it though)

    To date none of the other cities I've lived in have had MTB trails which are easily accessible without driving to the spot in a car. Newcastle's got it lucky. :)
  18. Ahhh, just got back from the You Yangs. That place never fails to impress. Nice ride T.Depta, I went the hardtail option due to $$$, one day I might own a full suspension rig.
  19. Yeah I have two bikes... a cheapie hartail from anaconda LOL that i bought to see if i wanted to get into mtbing. it's now my road hack with slicks ;) and a Giant trance for Mtb shiz.

    Dont get to ride it too much these days... the You Yangs are too far away! I was used to riding in bris where my local tracks are 15 mins away and the next ones just over half hour away. Needless to say first time i did the yangs i rode to the top and back down a couple of times... next couple of times i pushed/rode to the top.... that was about 3 months ago at least lol so i'd have no chance of riding up there now! lol
  20. There was a series on the ABC last year where this doctor looked at all sorts of things relating to the human body. In one episode she rode in peak hour traffic wearing a special mask to trap particulate matter, etc and then (I think) drove a car under similar conditions - or someone else did at the same time she was riding. When they analysed the compounds the conclusion was that as a driver in a car with the windows closed and the air on recirc, you are actually exposed to far more noxious gases than if you are out there riding a bicycle and breathing the air.