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All Saints actor Mark Priestley found dead

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Justus, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. It is believed the 32-year-old killed himself after falling off a Sydney
    CBD building suffering depression.

    A statement issued by the Seven Network said Priestley was a "tremendous
    young person"
    who was loved and respected by his fellow All Saints cast
    members and crew.

    "Mark was such a brilliant artist...his work on stage and screen was admired
    by everybody who knew him,"
    Seven’s Director of Programming and Production
    Tim Worner wrote in the statement.

    "His death is such a sad loss. We at Channel Seven will miss his energy
    and smile. “Our thoughts and prayers are with Mark’s family and friends.â€

    Priestley played male nurse Dan Goldman in Seven's popular hospital series.
    In the show's most recent episode, Priestley's character Dan Goldman
    married his fellow nurse Erica Templeton.

    Fans of the TV show have already expressed their disbelief at the news of
    Priestley's death.

    On Facebook's All Saint's page, fan "Trent" said he was "truly shocked".

    "I had seen Mark not all that long ago in Newtown, he looked really happy
    and he was eating at my favourite pasta bar. I just can't believe that I
    never knew he was suffering depression. My thoughts are with his family
    and cast of All Saints."

    Fans have also flooded message boards on the All Saints website, writing
    "RIP" tributes to Priestley.

    Priestley was born in Perth in 1976, attended private boys' school Aquinas
    College and graduated from NIDA in 1999 after moving to Sydney.

    His first big TV break was when he appeared in the ABC mini-series The
    Farm in 2000. Priestley also had a semi-regular role in The Secret Life of
    Us and appeared in Blue Heelers before his first on-air episode in All
    Saints in July 2004.

    A keen theatre performer, Priestley had also worked with the Bell
    Shakespeare Company.

    If you need support or information about suicide prevention contact Lifeline
    on 13 11 14 or SANE Helpline on 1800 18 SANE (7263).


  2. Yep the news was just in this morning. From depression...that's too bad, he's not that old & still got a lot of potential.
    1 hint, don't keep your problems to yourself, go & seek people who can help. :)
  3. Thanks Kish, depression is a huge killer in our society. Do not be afraid to call the various help lines or talk to your doctor. It may well save your life from ending or self destructing, I know it did for me. If you feel a loved one is depressed then learning about this disease is critical.

    This guy was a young person who had a lot to offer the world.

    Also please see Beyond Blue for more information.


  4. Cheers bud.

    I was actually going to look for the NADS thread but recalled it being
    locked so didnt bother.

    Depression is a major problem in society & I feel that until recent times
    it was something that was either looked down upon or not spoken about.
    Those in public arena (sporting, tv celebs) incl Jeff Kennett etc have had
    alot of influence in changing this by coming out & publically speaking about

    Is there a difference between being upset & being depressed? At what
    stage is it considered one has the illness? Is it based on how long you
    have depression for?

    Just goes to show the sickness does not discriminate. Rich, or poor, black
    or white, it can strike anyone anywhere.
  5. Can't say much better than that. So if you just can't be fcuked to participate in life then you could be depressed, but you could also have B12/iron deficiancy, you could be a lazy bugger, have a viral infection etc. That is why it is critical to get to a doctor and get checked out before you start to self diagnose.

    Yes we are all sad from time to time, but this is a deeper feeling beyond sad. Of course it is hard to measure yourself as you only have yourself as a measure.
  6. Thanks Matti

    That makes sense to me.