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All Rounder Super commuter ?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by marko66, Jan 1, 2009.

  1. Hi All

    I am looking for a good allrounder, I have a 110 kmh one way commute with mainly 130 kmh speed limits so I want something economical, reliable, nimble, probably half faired, pillion comfortable and sounds like a ktm superduke with akropovic exhaust :cool: , i'm 185 cm and about 100kg and think road rules are a loose guide as to road behaviour. I also work physically hard so i don't want a back breaker or leg cramper.

    Like the look of the triumph sprint st but have had v strom, TDM, Tiger and hyosung gt650s reccommended as well as the 1250 bandit and others as well.

    I am thinking that I want something that is fun to ride and economical on fuel and tyres as well as two up touring and i guess i want everything but would like to know about fuel economy at speeds and comfort> From what I have read the yamaha TDM is hard to beat on all counts but would love to hear from everyone who kknows of something better

    Thanks inadvance and Regards Marko
  2. honda VFR800

    and check out bmw bikes as well, they make great tourers

  3. Sounds like you could also want my BMW F800S. Although, if you have 130km/hr speed limits you are probably in the NT and will not need heated hand grips.

    Otherwise, the F800S is a good allrounder, economical, reliable, nimble, half faired, pillion comfortable and suits an akropovic exhaust. It's comfortable in my opinion although some might say it has a parrallel twin high frequency vibration in the handle bars at certain speeds.

    I find fuel economy is between 4 and 4.5L/100km at highway speeds.
  4. gde si marko..

    dont mention hyosungs in these forums :)

    go the yamahahahah and youll be hahahaing all the way home, yamaha is where its at, buts thats my personal preference, wish we had 130k roads here, spewin
  5. There's roads that aren't in the NT that have 130km/h speed limits?
  6. Hi All

    Thanks for the replies so far, I make it a rule to never go faster than the vehicle i'm using :grin: :p

    Regards Mark
  7. I suppose the Adelaide Rver gave it away - jumping crocs, war graves and a straight fast roads if I recall
  8. Hi All

    Guilty as charged cardinal :) I want something that eats miles economically and comfortably any suggestions?

    Regards Mark
  9. Bandits are great bikes, and would be very enjoyable on that ride and eat it for breakfast, but there would be cheaper bikes to run in your list.
  10. Probably not cheaper to buy, though, so if you're looking at Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) the Bandit is well worth a look.

    The VFR is a *very* nice bike too, but costs like one.
  11. The Hyo would struggle on two-up unless you replace the rear suspension. TDM and Vstrom are comfortable and have good fuel economy. TDM is probably more nimble, but the strom has more weather protection.
  12. The B1250 will return about 5.5L/100km at that speed but the stock D218 wont last long :LOL:
  13. You might want to check out the Suzuki SV1000S as well. They are a bit lighter than the Bandit's and if you prefer the sound of a twin they're a decent alternative at a similar price.

    Another option would be a run out Honda Hornet 900 with an aftermarket screen.
  14. Tiger would be an option, yeah. Perhaps a little expensive.

    ~5L/100km at 80-115kph. Good power compared to the other bikes in the medium-travel upright-seating sports-tourer category (V-strom, GS1200, KTM 990 Adventure, et al). Comfortable seating position, comfortable suspension, can reach "interesting" lean angles in the corners without touching parts down... though it's not as flickable as a race-replica, of course.

    Pillion seat is comfortable, though the rear shock could do with compression adjustability if you want to carry a pillion at high speed on rough roads. It's fine for high speeds on smooth roads and normal speeds on bumpy roads, with a pillion.

    On the downside, you must be "this tall" to ride the Tiger - 835mm seat height and a w i d e saddle make long legs very useful to have. 1050cc inline-3 makes it wider for lanesplitting than a V-twin, of course, but the tall seat and upright ergonomics give a great view over the cars ahead.

    Stock windshield buffets a little bit too, but that varies from rider to rider. Some people are just lucky. ;)

    I got 11,000km out of the Pilot Road tyres it came with. I'm 7000km into a pair of Pilot Road 2s and they seem to be wearing much much much much better.
  15. go a vtrfirestorm ..... BAHAHHAHAHAHA :D
  16. Marko the DL650 ticks all your boxes and then some.