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All Rounder - Is it worth the upgrade SV650S -> FZ6S?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by hobo-jo, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. Rather than drag another thread completely off topic, thought I'd start a new one and can't find a lot of direct comparisons...

    I currently have a Suzuki SV650S (year 2000) and looking to upgrade to a newer bike and have my sights set on a 2004-2006 Yamaha FZ6. Reason for change:

    - Would like a bike with a more upright seating position
    - Would like a bike with fuel injection
    - Would like a bike which is good for commuting and also for longer rides (2-3 hours)
    - Would like a bike comfortable for commute with pillion
    - Would like a nicer looking bike

    I've had the SV650S for around 8 months and it has been an enjoyable bike, but there's a few niggly things that make me want to change. I moved from a ZZR250 to the SV650 and the first thing I noticed was the SV650 had a much sportier riding position, which I don't really like for my everyday use of the bike. I would also like to be able to take the bike for 2-3 hour rides to my parents place to visit (straight boring roads), but must admit the thought of riding the SV650 there in the curled over position is not appealing.

    I have also found the SV650 a less comfortable bike than the ZZR250 for commuting with a pillion passenger. I can only assume this is also the riding position that causes this.

    I would like to move from my carby bike to a fuel injected bike, I have been told it will give me a better ride with smoother acceleration?

    Also the SV650S is not a bad looking bike, but I wouldn't mind upgrading to a more recent model for aesthetic reasons. I must admit I like the new model FZ6/SV650's a lot better than the current year 2000 SV650 I have.

    So for say $2000-3000 is it worth the upgrade? Are there any other bikes that I should be considering? Will the FZ6 meet my needs for both daily commuting and long distance rides?

    Thanks :)
  2. If you like the look of both, then go test ride both, then make an informed desision based on your own assesment.

    Get a leg over and then buy the bike that gives you wood.
  3. :grin: I did that with the SV650. I've found that it's really hard to suss a bike out by going on a 30 minute spin. Really you have to have the bike for a good week or 2 to gauge some of the finer good/bad points.

    I was hoping there were perhaps some riders on here with experience on both bikes or even just someone that has a late model FZ6 and can comment on it's suitability for my use.
  4. Though now with the experiance of what you don't like you are probably better positioned to give it an other go...
    I am not saying that posting here wsa a bad idea... you should get some good info. but it is such a personal and subjective topic that in a lot of ways you are the best person to decide.
  5. Most would say the FZ6 is too unsporty, so tis a very hard thing to judge. The SV650 is a very sweet balance of sport and comfort, the next step down is normally decidely too unsporty.

    As far as EFI goes, its far les important on a bike than a car, many EFI bikes ride much worse than carby ones. Make sure you ride them back to back and dont let thoughts cloud perceptions......

    If they do, make sure its black like my thoughts.... it's gotta be black. As the rolling stones...
  6. Forget the FZ6, power delivery on those isn't much chop for around town. Needs too many revs. Same is said of the GSR600 although I've not ridden one. The Hornet6 is carbed and sounds like you wouldn't be into the looks there either. Z750 looks good to me but the pillion seat's awful.

    Why not look at a Hornet9 or SV1000 - or even a newer model SV650 naked with the flat bars on it? If you can wait a few months, there's the Street Triple 675, which should be a balltearer. Those sound like a closer fit to what you're hoping for. The FZ6 looks good like all Yammies but it gets whooped in all the group tests.
  7. Thanks for the tips so far. Some extra points:
    - While I would like the bike to look good, it takes a huge backseat to the practicality of the bike for riding and I understand that an upright position looks less sporty, but I'm prepared to sacrifice that for comfort and ease of pillion riding. I don't have a car, so this is a daily and would like to get the girlfriend on the back more often, so comfort is very important.
    - Budget of around $7000-8000 (or there abouts). Looking second hand. Unfortunately knocks out most of the newer 1000cc models. While the power would be nice, it's not necessary.
    - I did consider the newer SV650N with the slightly changed riding position. Only thing that worries me is the lack of protection from the elements/wind on longer rides. Another model I thought might be worth a look was a v-strom 650, ugly as hell, but same engine as the sv650 with the comfortable riding position...only problem is they aren't easy to find second hand, so out of my price range.

    Having never really taken a naked model for long rides, does this pose a problem for many people?

    I guess as mentioned above it will come down to testing some of these bikes back to back to pick a winner. Hopefully with more experience on bikes this time around I will find it easier to pickup on problems.

    Hey loz can you tell me exactly what you mean here? Are you saying it's hard to keep the bike under constant speed/control while @ lower revs? I guess I'll have to take one for a ride and take it slowly through some back streets to get a feel for what you mean.
  8. They're now $10K new with a heap of luggage, best buy out there IMHO.

    Very comfortable, not the cutest, but an excellent back roads bike as well :cool:

    Get the extra cash on your credit card :wink:
  9. what luggage do they come with? all reviews I've read seem to indicate you need to purchase this separate...
  10. Comes with the lot....


    Take one for a ride, you've ridden the SV, the Strom does it all nearly as well, just a bit heavier.
  11. Instead of changing bikes I believe you could just improve the riding position of your SV650S by changing to flat bars with risers. Dedicated SV forums would have plenty of info on the subject.
  12. ok quick run down on nakes and lack of protection.......i used mine as a every day commute (same thing car is off the road......do about 50-60 per day, which includes a 10-15min freeway run then a about a 10min suburb splitting effort through dandenong. To me riding a naked means you have to have the correct riding gear ie. winter gear in winter & well summer is just the best feeling having the air just pass you by

    To me when i first go in it, i thought maybe i have made the wrong choice when riding down the freeway, but your body & muscles will adapt to the extra stress from wind etc....now it's such a wonderful feeling to have the wind just whistle past you at 100km/hr and it also make you feel like you are traveling quickier then you are.

    For touring i have done a couple of 4 days tours and it was fine.....requires a bit more work to hang on at higher speeds but once again with wind straight on you it requires les speed to get that speed feeling(if you know what i mean). The only time i really thought it would be nice to have a screen/fairing, was towards the end of a 2 week ball tearing pace tour....and by that i mean on the last couple of days when the body isn't as fresh.....etc...higher speeds felt a bit harder but apart from that (and i can't see myself doing to many 2 week tours (most are anywhere from 2-7 days that i do) i would highly reckon a naked style bike.

    Seriously take a couple for a test ride and see what sort of motor suits you....because from what i have read the fz6 and the sv will be quite different in the way the motor performs.

    Cheers stewy
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    You sound like me and the things I'm after in a bike.
    Comfort for long days.
    Sporty looking ,read..... fairing.
    Easy to handle around town.
    And good for a pillion.

    See the new GSX650F suzuki.

    No sure on the price yet and it's not out till november -december.
    But like you said is it worth droping money on "another" bike and getting some thing you not happey with again.


    Info and pictures ^^^^^


    Promo video.^^^^^^
  14. I didn't know you could change clip ons :oops:

    So if possible, wouldn't the pegs still be further back? Or would it depend on the model? :?
  15. I justbought a Z750. Its the first naked ive had & I was worried about not having a screen, but its no biggie. You only notice it at high speeds & I have started to like the extra wind. I think the Z is the better looking of all the bikes mentioned, & though the pillion is a bit shit I had my girl on the back yesterday for a 3 hour ride & she was fine. Just needs some supsension adjust etc . The motor is great & I love teh upright bars. I commute every day on this & use it for everything else, only vehicle , & its meeting all those needs at a budget price & plenty of people staring at it & saying "nice bike mate" :grin:
  16. Thanks for all the tips...

    So far I will be looking to test ride tomorrow:

    2005 FZR (second hand)
    V strom 650 (new) - $9990 incl ORC + luggage set inlcuded
    Kawasaki Z750 (if I can find one)

    Though will be keeping my options open to anything else that comes along...

    zoot - how much did you pay including ORC for the Z750? Much room for haggling?
  17. More like sluggish acceleration, and a rough torque curve.

    I've found mid-90's sportsbikes pretty comfortable. Suzuki RF600, CBR600f, ZZR600 etc... are all nice. Try sitting on anything that looks a bit dated and upright.

    I've never ridden a SV650s though, so I have no idea if it's more or less sporty than the older generation 600's.
  18. Test rode the FZ6, god what an awful bike at suburban road speeds.

    Test rode and instantly fell in love with the v-strom, sorted it out today and rode away on one. Appreciate all the suggestions given thanks.

    Has everything I love about the sv650s and fixes everything I disliked about it. Great bike!!!
  19. Fantastic! Enjoy the new ride. I couldn't bring myself to ride a strom - I don't really care what people think of me so it isn't a posey thing, but I just think they're sooo ugly, the front looks like someones face, contorted into agony..

    That said, I'm sure its great ridewise. I'm going the opposite way to you, I'm on a zzr250 and WANTING the sportyness of the sv650s.

    I was going to say yeah it might be worth riding a newer sv650 (not s) and possibly one with a screen attachment. But the strom is just as good I guess :)

    I'm definitely going to test the z750 (first with myself, then with one of my ladies). I absolutely love the looks, but everyone goes on about how crap they are for pillions.
  20. did you get the free luggage kit?


    and if so is it any good?