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All right, so this is the plan

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Haggismaen, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. Onto my full license towards the end of next month so it's decision time.

    Now as awesomely fantastic as going out and buying a shiny new white Street Triple in December would be, there are other things to consider. While it comes out in December and I would have no trouble riding the 250 until then, there is certainly no guarantee that one would be available for purchase at that time if the waiting lists for the D675 are anything to go by (which could be 6 months plus).

    Also as much as I wish, beer, bikes and woman aren't the only things in the world, so laying down $13.5K for a bike (plus the insurance to cover it) is probably not the most 'sensible' thing in the world when you are looking at buying a house and am only earning a low-medium level public servant wage. Also the STriple may not be the most suitable bike if I want to be doing some touring with Her Indoors on the back.

    So here's the plan, I've got big dorrah for a bike at the moment so I'll keep my eyes out for a good deal on a bike that I'm interested in (in particular a later model CBR600F, for both practical and fun reasons). If a good deal comes up, it's mine...but if I get to December/January without finding anything then the STriple gets re-evaluated.

    Thoughts, comments, good suggestions for Lotto numbers?
  2. Haggis,

    Maybe speak to Steve from bikefinance.net.au and he may be able to organise finance for a bike which would mean monthly repayments freeing up cash now for other things.
  3. Kier,
    You know my views on the CBR600F after our little jaunt to eden, It is great. Plenty comfortable, good power...have not used it excessively yet because there is more than enough on tap. You should be able to pick up 2004 with low K's for about 8 grand.
    Have 2 or 3 different bikes in mind, because not all will be available and or desirable at the time you are looking. All I can say is look around and try first, I looked at about 10 different bikes from all makers before wittling my list down to 2 and then hitting the used bike private sales.
    I sold first but the 4 weeks without bike were torture.
    Good luck..
  4. Nah, I'd rather just pay for it straight out. It's enough money without adding interest on top of it.

    Karl, yeah I've got my shortlist of models that I'm keen on (like the SV650s, FZ6S, Z750 etc pending test rides of course). If I could pick up a F4/5/6i for $8-9K I would be all over it like a rash, but there just aren't many later models for sale (at least looking on the net).

    Unfortunately that's one of the downsides of living in Canberra at the moment, would be a lot easier to look for a bike if I was still in Sydney.
  5. House first, then bike.. Once you have your house, buy 10 bikes if you want.

    The CBR600F is a great bike, i am sure you will be happy with it, and you can get your bike of choice once you have settled in to the mortgage rutt.. :grin:
  6. ok out of the list you've put down, here are my thoughts:

    SV650 - I personally didn't like the riding position. feet too far back. but that's personal taste. it just didn't feel like I was sitting on a naked bike.

    FZ6 - out of the 'detuned' naked bikes, engine wise, this is the worst in my opinion. All reviews i read of it says that unlike every other naked bike in the 600-700 range, this one lacks mid range torque. on reviews I've read comparing it to the z750, hornet 600, and sv650, it's usually last due to lack of torque.

    Z750 - I was about 2 seconds away from chosing this bike instead of the Hornet, and of your list i'd go with this one. fantasticly comfy riding position, good acceleration/power/torque, and looked hot.

    CBR600F - nice bike, this would be no 2 on my choice list. i just like the look of the z750 & the riding position more.
  7. With respect, I totally disagree. While it is important to get into the housing market, once you commit yourself to that mortgage, you will never again have "big dorrah" for bikes.
    Blue14, care to enlighten us on how to find the money for 10 bikes when you've just signed up for a lifetime of mortgage debt?
  8. You could buy my Daytona 675 with like anywhere between $2000 and $4000 of mods (carbon fibre exhaust, pazzo levers, scottoiler, gel set, double bubble windscreen, some carbon fibre bits) for roughly the same price as I was THINKING of selling mine and possibly buying a street triple. Umm, incentives, no need to run in motor, no need to worry about scratches, I put some on at 0 speed "laydowns" that I won't lie about... heh

    Also 2 oil changes besides the official 2 needed (800km and 1 yr/10,000km one) that have been done. I have a few K&N oil filters ready to be put in after the 2 yr warranty runs out, june next year. 12K kms done so far. I also have Tuneboy software/key for it and a specific run in fuel map (for smooth POWER delivery) and of course, downloaded maps from triumph675.net for economy vs power whilst I'm injured. Might as well save $$$ whilst I'm not wanting/needing/able to use the FULL power with a "cheaper" fuel economy map.

    Thinking about it, a "straight swap" and maybe some pocket money left over for me is a bloody bargain.. But Mmmmmm, all those features make me say "Nah, don't sell it silly!"

    If you're serious about it, we can talk about it, PM and stuff if you don't want people to know.. If not, no worries. We'll catch up for a ride sometime.. Umm like meet around half way once you buy a new bike (street triple?) and we can catch up and you can see the bike "you missed a bargain sale on" in person. hehehe. Sorry, my pain killers have finally kicked in as I needed them big time for my 2PM physio, I was in "fair pain", the opiates had ran out and doc appointment at 11am. I got the prescription, had the said pain killers and they are making the pain manageable again. And got me in silly mode of "selling my baby" but at least if I sell it, it will be to someone "I trust" i.e not a "full stranger"..

    Well there you go, my offer that I am subjecting to withdrawing any time I come to my senses and stuff ;)

    Best of luck mate with whatever you buy anyway! :grin:
  9. I'd say make sure you have an income that is like 10%-50% more than total sum of bills and you get a nice disposable income to buy "lots". It's what I plan to do when I finally buy (another) house. :)
  10. Oh it's definitely bike first, it's just a question of whether going all out and getting a STriple is the wisest course of action.

    Hehe Undii, thanks for the offer mate and as much as I thought 'that's the bike I'm going to get' when the Daytona was released I'm after something more practical hence all the naked bikes (and the CBR600F as a nod to better two-up capabilities).

    Thanks for the tips Edgelett. As soon as I'm off my restrictions I'll be test riding anything I can get my hands on :).
  11. haggis there is an cbr600f4i (2001) (yellow) in the trading post online advertised for an honest price.

    [i am not selling this bike just looking to upgrade too]

    might wanna call looks like the real deal to me.....
  12. No probs mate :grin: As I've come back to planet Earth, I'll re-affirm "Well there you go, my offer that I am subjecting to withdrawing any time I come to my senses and stuff " by withdrawing the offer and showing a picture of my face from a webcam ==> :oops:

    Have a lot of fun test riding a LOT of bikes (more than once for the better ones if you can ;) ). Just remember, there is always a slight chance of winning a fcukload of $$$ and being able to buy them ALL!!! Having a bike to match particular moods could be rather fun (maybe just a tad expensive :LOL: )

    Also remember to post detailed ride reports if you feel up to it on the bikes you test :grin:
  13. I like your plan, but wouldn't over spend on an interim bike. Maybe $5k tops, something that will not lose you too much dinero.
    I think waiting for 12 months will have several advantages, firstly, you can wait out the long waiting list, secondly, you can wait for them to iron out bugs, thirdly, you can wait for the waiting list to dry up, and for dealers being put in a position to have to start actually bargaining for these things.
    You might also find a great one year old low km bike for a huge discount by this time too.

    Regards, Andrew.
  14. Oh, I'm not buying an interim bike. The bike I buy will be for keeps (or at least as good as in terms of bike ownership).
  15. We all have our different ideas, and yes i respect your thoughts. :cool: Ok 10 bikes is stretching the story.. :grin: I had 4 here at one stage, now have 2 bikes, one being an 06 model and the other an 07. I do agree it wont happen in a week, but it can be achieved.. :)
  16. Hit the nail on the head .. :grin:
  17. And a CBR600F is? I take it being on your P's you haven't pillioned yet or she aleady rides and loves bikes?

    To sink all your cash on a new model is a big call. You will drop a heap if you don't like it for whatever reason. Have you ridden current S/Triple?

    The Triple is a great bike, and I'm with Typhoon, plenty of time to get a new bike, making sure it is exactly what you want and not paying a premium for the latest greatest just because it is.

    There is an 03 CBR600F with 16,000kms for $8,500 "looking to upgade to R1" - literally ten mnutes from me, happy to check it out for you.


    So assume you could buy that for $8K, and you get a heap of change to do some mods if you want or commit towards the house.
  18.  Top
  19. ^^^^^

    Nice :shock: :grin:

    No winning numbers down here so i dont think i will be buying it :LOL:
  20. There are two types of late model 600F, the split seat sportier type (like the one you pictured) and the single seat (plus pillion grab rail, other differences) model. I'm after the single seat model for more practical two up and better long distance riding for myself as well...hehe otherwise I may as well just buy one one of 20 hojillion cheap 600RRs floating about :p.

    Nah I haven't ridden the Speed Triple (I assume you are talking about that?), I'm talking about the Street Triple (the 675 version) due out in December.

    That's why I'm not going to focus on it, a bike that I can't even test ride until December, while there could be these fine examples of used bikes going cheap (and may suite the riding I do better).

    That's exactly what I've decided to do. When December comes round, if I haven't found anything...I may just have to do something stupid :).

    And thanks for the other of looking at it, I really appreciate it. I may have to ask somebody from Sydney to check out a model if I can't get up from Canberra quick enough.