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All powered up. Awesome tyres.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by robsalvv, Feb 17, 2006.

  1. The bike is now shod with pilot powers front and rear... and OMG :shock: :shock: :shock: it's like a new bike. :cool: :cool:

    Now I fully understand wanker mode in traffic and the spur... the grip - the grip is awesome. :twisted: :twisted: :cool: Lets you feel that any manouvre is possible...

    "Danger Danger Will Robinson"

    ...must remember... to... play... nice... in traffic... must remember... I must... must... resist... resist the.... dark side :twisted:


    I think I'll be right... but man what a change. :grin:

    Stay safe.
  2. What did they set you back (if you don't mind my asking)?
  3. Thats it mate!

    Top brand :cool: :wink:
  4. Pilot Powers are amazing...

    The CBR came with Diablo's. Nice tyres, but the rear would spin up easily. I'm sure for those that like that sort of thing, they're great, but they worried me :roll:

    I then put BT012SS on the back. On the old Blade, awesome tyre, but I still had a Diablo on the front. The combo was not all that good and when the front finally wore out (it was more cooked than worn), I put a PP on the front. The turn in was amazing and the grip was fantastic. I still had the 12SS on the back, but after a ride day or two, that got changed for a PP rear. And then I discovered just how well the Blade can turn and accelerate with good tyres.

    I wore the back out and it's being changed today, the front still looks good though and wears evenly. What i really noticed about the PP's is how they don't tend to 'tear' on track days like the BT's or Diablo's did, instead having a nice even wear pattern over the side of the tyre.

    About $300 for the rear, $200 for the front (fitted and balanced).
  5. What CEJAY said regarding price... though I got my frequent customer discount at Race Replica... so got em a bit cheaper.

    Race Replica are a netrider partner, so any netrider MEMBER should be able to save a couple of bucks.

    LMAO - check this out.


    I also availed myself of a new [heavily discounted] helmet - the hip pocket is hurting!!


  6. Ah. But pilot powers can't wheelie or countersteer.
  7. Once you're done with the Power's, give the Metzeler Sportec M1's a go.

    Depending on your riding style, they're better than the Power's when on the edge, and turn in much, much, quicker.

    Enjoy the Power's though. Very good choice in any event.
  8. Neither can the tyres owner!

    Some friends and I went scratching down south gippsland on the same road Matty, Realm and Phanoongy lost it (BTW I can confirm that that corner has mostly been cleared of fine gravel and looks freshly tarred) and the tyres had me cackling like a maniacal hyena several times. :LOL:

    e.g. Got a bit hot into a 130-140degree bend just out of Mirboo Nth and there was no panic, just kept leaning and leaning and leaning, not once feeling uncertain - and the bike was as sure footed as it'd never been before.

    Maybe it's just fresh rubber?? Anyways, these tyres are simply awesome.

    If the M1's are even better as Cathar says, then god help me... the dark side was already strong enough on the weekend!
  9. Yeah, you may feel it, or may not. Might be due to bike geometry and/or weight. I found it depends on the tyre pressure in the Power's. They like a higher pressure than most tyres.

    If you read around about the Power's enough, you'll find more than a few reports of the "Oh crap!" feeling that they can generate towards the end of the lean range.

    Then you get masses of people who never notice it.

    Once I stuck 38r/35f into the Power's, that "Oh crap!" feeling went away, and yeah, just as you describe, can lean right to the edge with confidence - just keeping pushing it over.

    On the edge the M1's are stable as, the main difference to the Power's is that with the M1's it's almost thought control when you want to go to the edge. Push - bam! - you're there. That may not be everyone's cup of tea, but then again neither is the R1, and I find that the M1's really suit the R1's personality when riding in a spirited fashion - it take's no crap from a clumsy rider and demands respect.
  10. Oh yeah!! I just have to agree. Just got back from my first ride since they went on today.
    Took it easy easy at first - (of course got the obligatory "slippery as shit when new" story) then after 100k or so started going a little harder and the way it flicks thru bends now -Magic. :grin:

    I was beginning to think that the VFR was top heavy and needed to be wrestled from side to side - Not any more :)

    Very reasonable price too :) - $420 the pr.
  11. Nothing beats Pilots for stickiness
  12. Has anyone tried the Metzeler Rennsports? I've got mates in Europe who swear they're superior to the Powers.
  13. Nah bro.. Neva heard of em B4
  14. I am a big fan of the Pilot Powers.

    They feel great on the GSXR, two thumbs up!
  15. does that mean you guys ahve heaps of RWCond tyres lying around?

    I need a front tyre for my hornet - i couldnt figure out why it felt slippery and shit at the front - now i know, the front tyre is some old very hard and bit cracked super hard compound tyre - i think its make from recycled cigarette lighters or something - anyone got a 130/70 ZR16 of still ridable quality?
  16. FROM WHERE?? Your rear tyre must be the smaller section type.

    Love me pilots. :)
  17. Good ol' SA - probably too far for you just to get tyres :)

    120/70 & 170/60
  18. Yep have had em b4 and yes they are an awesome tyre,slightly longer warm up time than the PPs but are sticky as f#$k once warmed up. (iirc they are pretty much the same tyre as Diablo Super Corsas) :wink:
  19. LOL i just checked and my bike has one of these on the rear, just need a front :(

    Where to get a second hand one, or a cheap one from? :( Vic, Monrnington Peninsula
  20. Res, that is the smaller section rear - I've got the 190 on the back... that prolly explains the price diff.