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All our QLD riders ok?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Trumpy, May 14, 2006.

  1. Just read this on News.com.au

    A MOTORCYCLIST was fighting for his life after a collision with a car west of Brisbane today.

    The man was airlifted to Brisbane's Princess Alexandra Hospital in critical condition after his bike and a car collided at the Karana Downs exit of the Warrego Highway about 3pm (AEST).

    hope he pulls through regardless.
  2. And News.com.au is reporting an injured motocross rider from a track near Lithgow NSW as well......
  3. ... and the radio reported a motorcyclist fatality on the Riverside expressway this morning? :(
  4. I saw that article on the Queensland Times' front page, but couldn't find any more info apart from that wire article.

    Warrego highway is just a stone's throw from us as well.
  5. Sorry to say guys that it was a mate "Johno" on his worked 2005 R1. He is still alive ( only JUST) but it is not looking good at all that is all I will say at this stage. Been riding for 5yrs one of the best ridiers I know (could stunt that R1 with the best of em). Always happens to the ones like Johno that never EVER rode even 5kms without full race leathers, gloves, boots, etc but non of this helps when the cars don't want to play the game right.

    :cry: Had an a wsome ride with him last weekend though :cry:
  6. Sh!t man, sorry to hear, I hope everything goes alright and works out for the better in this case. Hope he makes a recovery. Always sad to hear of things like this. :cry: I hope he pulls through.
  7. I also heard on the radio that a rider was killed in Sunnybank last Thursday night. :( Watch out Brissie riders as Bribane drivers are getting worse by the day. :evil:
  8. Tell me about it, stupid driver in old crappy square AE82 Corolla tried to run me off the road today :( Should have taken his plates down. Or kicked his window in.
  9. Bugger, we seem to be falling like flys at the moment! I heard about the one on the riverside expressway. Sounded nasty, was a white CBR from what I can remember.

    Lets hope Johno pulls through, we'll all be thinking of him.
  10. My thoughts are with Johno... Keep us posted on his progress...

    But I agree that the QLD drivers aren't much fun to be around lately... :evil:
  11. Well unfortunately Johno didn't make it guys. It is very sad but he was not expected to make it and I know he wouldn't have wanted to pull through because it would have meant he be left a vegetable and that was not his style. He would have wanted to pass on instead.

    The last ride was an awsome one Johno :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

    Hope the weather is clear and the riding is good up there mate :wink:
  12. my heartfelt wishes go out to you, johno's family and friends.
  13. My condolences to you BIG GQ & Johnos family & all who knew him. Sad to lose another rider. :cry:
  14. I am so very sorry for the loss of your friend :(

    May he ride the best twisties without a care in the world

    RIP johno
  15. My heartfelt sympathies to family and friends GQ.
  16. :( Condolences to all who knew him.
  17. As I said guys he would have preffered it this way. This has seriously got me thinking about getting rid of the CBR900RR. I know Johno wouldn't want any of his mates or fellow riders to give up their passion just because of this and neither would I if it were me but it has seriously got me thinking. I have a 7 week old son to think of now (aswell as my wife) and if I'm not around to raise him then somebody else will be with my wife (wouldn't want her to live a lonely life) and raise my son........

    I don't know what I'll do at the moment but it has certainly given me something to think about. It was only last weekend that we had a crazy ride to murwillumbah with all of us riding pretty loose then to have this happen to Johno (easily the best rider of the bunch) when he was riding sedately............
  18. maybe we should hold a ride in his honour?????

    i didnt know him but all those who i ride with know that if i go while im riding at least you know i went happy

    condolences to everyone who knew him and any other of our beloved motorcycling family the we have lost

    RIP in the carless land of twisties
  19. My condolences to you BIG GQ and all that knew Johno. This is very sad news indeed.

    I'm still recovering from an off and the amount of times the thought of hanging up my helmet has passed through my head is very distressing. I wish this was a easy decision to make.

    I'm sure he passed away doing something that meant a great deal to him. May he rest in peace.

    :( :(
  20. Lost a great rider and an even better dad

    R.I.P dad ❤️
    You will never truly be gone..
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