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All new Vic Learners your help is needed.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Jem, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. Hi all new Vic riders,

    If you are like me you have been reading this site for a while before you got your licence and bike and now that you are on the road you have realised how much you have to learn.

    The more experienced members on here have been doing some great work of late in raising our profile as a group using the roads including the involvement of Maurice Blackburn in a concerted stop SMIDSY campaign,

    Some threads to have a look at if you have not already -

    I feel we should be doing all we can to support them and their efforts for us as a group. But what can I do I am only new to this I here you say.

    Well there is one simple thing you can do and that is send an email to The Minister - The Hon Terrance Mulder and outline your concerns as a road user for not only your own but other road users safety.

    The only thing I would ask is you keep it polite, use the correct titles for the people you are including in the email and concentrate on the fact that you want the roads to be a safer place for all. Some of the above threads have example letters in them so you can see what sort of thing I mean. It is also important to put your name, address and contact number this adds credibility to your email.

    Here is a list of politicians that I think it is worth sending your email to -
    Ted Baillieu - Premier
    Peter Ryan Deputy - Premier and Police Minister
    Robert Clark - Attorney General
    Terry Mulder - Roads and Public transport Minister
    Daniel Andrews - Leader of the opposition
    James Merlino - Deputy Leader of the opposition
    Martin Pakula - Shadow Attorney General
    Luke Donnellan - Shadow Minister for Roads
    Jacinta Allan - Shadow Minister for Police

    To email all of them copy the lines below and paste into the to section of your email -

    ted.baillieu@parliament.vic.gov.au; peter.ryan@parliament.vic.gov.au; robert.clark@parliament.vic.gov.au; terence.mulder@parliament.vic.gov.au; daniel.andrews@parliament.vic.gov.au; ames.merlino@parliament.vic.gov.au; martin.pakula@parliament.vic.gov.au; luke.donnellan@parliament.vic.gov.au; acinta.allan@parliament.vic.gov.au

    To the new riders in other states, I am sure that you can also contribute to the issue in your own state.

    As new riders we are even more at risk as we are building up our skill level and while we may not know enough to get heavily involved in the debate we can show our support and continue to keep the issue top of mind.

    Some of the things I wrote as ideas to start you off; if you want to use them feel free:-

    I am a brand new rider and today marks only the 4th day of me riding a motorcycle to work so 7 trips so far from Nunawading to Hawthorn and back again with the trip 8th to be made home after work today.

    Let me say that anything you can do to make car drivers more aware of Motorcycles would be greatly appreciated by me as I learn my road craft and develop my skills on the bike.

    In particular if you could get a message out about the following items I think it would go along way to improving overall road safety:-

    1. Please do not follow to closely behind a motorcycle particularly one with a L plate on the back of it. I am still learning (that is why I have the L plate on obviously); and having to worry about being run into from behind is frankly something I do not need to be worrying about at this stage.
    2. Head Checks, When I first got my driving licence 30 years ago if you did not do a head check in the test you failed. My observation so far is that drivers are no longer doing these and are increasing not looking in their mirrors either.
    3. Mobile phones - Not sure why I should have to mention this but if you think that the issue of people holding onto and talking on their phones has been resolved I am sorry to have to inform you that on my ride into work today alone I counted 8 people on their phones; 5 of whom were doing it while exiting side streets onto Canterbury Road.
    4. Constantly changing lanes and indicating well after they have already started to move over; 2 issues here that you could point out to all road users. a) You will not actually get where you are going any faster. b) Correct me if I am wrong but when I learnt to dive you where meant to let your indicator blink at least 3 times before you began to change lanes; Is this still not the case?
    5. Putting your indicator on does not give you the right of way. This is not Motorcycle specific but something I and my friends and work colleagues have noticed over the last few years. It seems that drivers now feel that if they have put their indicators on that that gives them the right to cut in front of you or merge into you lane. A campaign that makes all road users aware that it is the merging vehicles obligation to give way would be beneficial for all road users.

    Sorry for the length of this post I just wanted to share the idea with you as I had been feeling I was not experienced enough to contribute to the discussion and thought that this was a good way that we as learners could.

    Cheers Jeremy

    Update - have a look at this great thread that was just bought to my attention about how to write letters and Lobby. https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=122187 Thanks Rob
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  2. Good one,
  3. Nice work Jem.
    Great ideas - after a few months on the bike, and the same here on NR I felt quite similar about being "not experienced enough to contribute to the discussion". I think you've found a great way in which we can potentially contribute, and it is also a good opportunity to listen and learn from the wonderfully bike savvy and informed/knowledgable people we are fortunate to have at our disposal from NR. Your comments about keeping it polite is a great thing to note. It might be good to point out, again, that there are already many people advocating (essentially) on our behalf and in our best interests - and before we (as new riders) shoot off at the mouth it's also worth taking a moment to see what other messages are being pushed already, in the potential that we can assist them further, rather than diluting the waters (so to speak). I guess I'm talking about things like the SMIDSY campaign that seems to be making a little ground.
    Thanks again for the thread Jem!

    (OH - nice work Rob on that letter writing thread!!!)
  4. Thanks theterrier.

    I had been racking my brain about what I could do to help without mucking it up. I figured if I just politely told them how I felt about others actions on the road and how they where putting me and importantly others at risk that was a good place to start.

    Cheers Jeremy
  5. mate you did well Jem, well done indeed
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  6. +1 Good work Jem. Don't be shy folks, jump in and help.