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All motorcyclists will end up in accidents? myth or real?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by livingstonest, Jun 14, 2005.

  1. hey all i'm new to this forum and been reading the great posts up on this site for few weeks now........coming from a mountain bike riding background which i love, i wanna eventually get a motorbike.......going to prelearner course with friends next week.

    when people i tell say i'm going for motorbike licence they all shudder and say that i'm gonna end up in a body bag which i don't appreciate but accept as it may have some truth in it.

    i really got no idea about motorbikes but i'm heaps keen on one...

    wanna know what all u folks think out there about motorbikes and the dangers.....??? got some stories to tell??

  2. I was as freaked out as you, and to some extent still am. I try to choose the times I ride carefully, and watch traffic like a hawk when I ride obviously you can't prepare for the unexpected but I think in general from my little experience If you ride your bike like you would drive a car (i.e. not split traffic and weave in and out of it) you pretty much on par with the accident rates that car driver's have to face... if that's any consolation
  3. I've never been in a crash... hopefully I never will :)
  4. think of it like riding a road bike to riding a mountain bike. what it is is you are putting yourself at risk more than you would be in a car. but with the right attitude and a bit of luck, theres no reason why you couldn't come out of it totally unscathed....

    and DO IT :twisted: best decision you'll ever make, 100 times the fun factor of the treadly....
  5. I thought i would never have an accident, but it happened, i just struggled up, limped over to my bike, cracked a spaz at the damage to my bike, picked it up with help from pure adrenalin and inspected damage close up.
    Then saw a growing red patch in the jeans and went back to worrying about my bike and mates who came off just before.

    Anyway it happens, you may be one in fifty that never has an accident, but they are rarely fatal or may-as-well-be-fatal para or quadraplegic. Its all part of the fun... :roll:
  6. i know that i love 2 wheels so very very much on my mountainbike so i know motorbike will be that much better.......

    problem is on a motorbike cars are much less likely to see you and 2 wheels aint as stable as 4.......

    plus my job requires me to use my hands and i've been in mountain biking accidents before and been really lucky to get away without too much damage.......

    thanks for the encouragement.......but still am lil freaked.....especially from alotta stories i hear from motorbike riders themselves! but hey.......guess u only live once right?
  7. One in Fifty?
    Care to come up with the source behind this figure?
    It is intriguing. :?
  8. damn straight fella, you only live once. hate to turn 80 and realise that you never played on reefton hey :wink:

    we all play the same game really, its a jungle out there. but you might slip on a banana peel and land on a garden knome on the way out to the car one morning and do more damage than you would have riding the bike that morning :wink:

    its riskier, and cars are damn scary out there, but you CAN minimise the chances by quickly learning your place on the road and not pushing it (too far :twisted: )

    BTW, you local (melbourne)? and what kinda MTB riding do you do?
  9. Have you ever fallen off of your pushy? Yes? Know anyone who hasn't? No?
    Well motorbikes can be are just another kind of pushy, so the answer is YES most people end up falling off sooner or later.
  10. i'm starting to get u coconuts........if ur sensible then you should be ok! cause i just wanted to make sure that motorbiking wasn't like basejumping or something like that where definitely for those guys its just a matter of time no matter how safe they try to make it!

    nah i'm in sydney.....i take some local trails and few times a year head up to the blue mountains and do the oaks trail there.......last 15 min of the oaks trail is straight downhill and u can go damn fast! do it on a hardtail and by the end of it i guarantee you that those handlebar grips will have ur fingerprints embedded in em!

    nice lawyer joke by the way! haha
  11. yeah, ok to the point of controllable incidents. shit happens everywhere tho, you could be the safest rider in the world with the best reactions and you can still come a cropper. its risk management and luck that'll see you through.

    but dont let the dangers scare you away, its the best fun you'll have with your clothes on (or off if you really want to i spose :shock: )

    you stumped me with the lawyer joke for a sec, i dont read my own signature often :LOL: sums up how 99% of the world feels about them i think. the other 1% are lawyers :LOL:
  12. Re: All motorcyclists will end up in accidents? myth or real

    The short answer, yes. That said once you buy your motorcycle, set aside $1000 for riding gear. That's the biggest investment in safety you can give yourself. If you come off, whether it be 20kmh-1 or 100kmh-1 that gear would save you some skin and a heck alot of pain.

    The longer answer, is well... yes lol. Okay it's this really, riding is all about risk management. When you're on the road, you pay attention alot more to the environment around you. Stuff like your lane position, what other cars around you, blind spots, etc.

    Once you got that down you minimise your danger by taking the best position. And the decisions you make decide as to how many sides of the dice you roll with.

    So what's important is your attitude. If you're serious about riding, then you need to be serious about learning new skills, doing some further training courses, your gear, and your safety.

    And if you're diligent, you may go on for decades of riding without a single fall. But as long as you keep the good attitude towards riding, the time you do fall, you'll be very grateful that you had considered all of this.
  13. I'll just add one more thing. Someone I know from uni just got a bike, he's going to ride for daily commuting.

    He comes up to me and scoffs, "Yea, my parents, my friends all said I was going to kill myself on the road but I still got my bike. Funny yea?"
    I reply, "Well it depends. You just got your bike, what other gear did you buy?"
    "Oh I bought a gearsack backpack."
    "...is that it? What about Helmet?"
    He says quizzically, "Yea 'course helmet."
    "Is that it, what about leather jacket? Boots?"
    "Uh... no?"
    "Yup sorry to say mate, but they're probably right."

    Hellooo Mc Fly, Anybody home?
  14. Link is here.

    Riding is risky, and before you start I think it's important to be aware of just how risky. Almost everyone I know (myself included) has had an accident on the roads.

    If you ride smart, be aware, and buy the best gear ($1,500 ballpark) you can then you minimise your chances of serious injury or death in an off. Having said that, I feel safer on the bike than I do in the car because I'm more aware of what's going on around me and the bike reacts faster.

    At the end of the day, there's an element of chance involved as there is in everything. For myself, I enjoy riding enough to accept the risk and I sleep at night knowing that when I ride I've taken as much responsibility in my personal safety as I can. The rest is up to the dice roll.
  15. Never come off a road bike. 12 on the road. A few years on trailies as a teenager

    The trick is to believe that you are responsible for yourself and the truelly random accidents are few and far between.

    Once you believe this the chances of you having an accident greatly reduces.

    I probably will have one one day, but hopfully it won't be too bad
  16. Just remember.....all car drivers are either extremely drunk or homicidal, so ride accordingly.
  17. hey thanks for the post guys, very helpful, all of it!

    I agree with fixed, i'd rather ride and risk than not but
    one more thing of concern for me is the incidence of hand/wrist injury.....my job requires me to use my hands all day for detailed work.....do you guys use wrist guards or are there any available? cause i know that when u stack it people's natural reactions are to put hands down. i think that's what i'm worried most about, one small stack and i may be outta work! haha
  18. funnily enough, i dont think theres a huge amount of jobs out there that dont require the use of your hands (well, maybe government and related services :LOL: ). its a risk we all run, but personally, i'd be more worried about my arms and hips, they tend to take more punishment than the hands.

    even if the hand is the first thing down, its fairly unlikely that you'll put a huge amount of weight on it, and it'll most likely slide and make way for something a bit more solid to take the force. and with wrist protection, i'd say its a bit of a no-no, you really need that movement while riding, no sense in having gear that might cause an accident :wink:
  19. Get yourself a decent set of gloves. One important point lots of people miss when buying a pair is that you should not be able to pull them off after they've been done up (look for wrist straps).
  20. More than likely, them's the breaks! :LOL:

    To be serious, no one uses wrist guards, if anything it will just move the injury elsewhere anyway (forearm/elbow/shoulder etc.)

    Most times accidents happen when you least expect it, and the chance of you even having the opportunity to subconsciously put your hands out to stop yourself will probably be non existant.
    That is unless you are having a low speed lowside or similar.
    The majoritory of times crashes are just like the T-shirt says "Earth, Sky, Earth, Sky, Earth, Ambulance.