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All motorcyclists are ******s and drug dealers

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Somatic, Jul 29, 2011.

  1. According to my fiancée father.

    Discus stigma's facing motorcyclists and how to overcome them

    BTW, he doesn't know I ride a bike. He would lock his daughter up and call the cops to come arrest me, I think
  2. Perhaps, but would he say that to our faces?
  3. I say rock up in your leathers next time its time to meet the family. If he inquires about them, casually mention you just like bondage. You are a ****** after all.
  4. Ha, I love it!! Great idea
  5. Probably not. I've had to cop heaps of scathing insults behind my back. I'm just keepIng quiete. In time, every dog has it's day
  6. I think I'm going to need to know what word the asterisks are masking in the thread title.
    If it's all motorcyclists are cunts, I can't really disagree.
    But if it's, say, poofters...
  7. And i'm ASSuming that your fiancee already knows you're a rider, whilst aware of what her father thinks.

    So sod to what the old man has to say. She's still with you.
  8. Yeah I have a plan for that. I might be doing some distance work soon and the day I leave I'm gonna swoop in there all geared up and packed and determined and sweep her off her feet all romantic like and say goodbye. 6 months worth of possible work away, but I get to come back over weekends
  9. ... get your fiancé to start riding a bike!!...:demon::demon:
  10. do a burnout on his face?
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  11. That would be all my dreams coming true in one day, but she's a scaredy lady. She likes my bike and has no problem with it apart from the safety aspect. She was brought up to minimize risk to the point of boredom. Since we've been together I've had her absailing and stirred a bit of her wild side, but getting on a bike is something she will never do, I think

  12. ... never say never!!....[-X
  13. Yeah it's hard to work out what the ******s means. I'm assuming that it 6 letters plus an s because I'm guessing thats how the sensor works. What 6 letter words with an S are bleeped out. ****ers (Fvckers) comes to mind as a possibility, I doubt wankers (w4nkers just in case) will get sensored. Each of which I really can't disagree with, I like to do both. Is there a 6 letter permutation of cunts? I really need a better swear vocabulary.

    Edit: Well it can't be ****ers because it doesn't end up as ******s, I'm lost for ideas.
  14. If her father is that anti-bike and shes dating you then clearly she has daddy issues.

    Lucky bastard.
  15. testing...

  16. Reypists dude.
  17. Ah cheers, that was killing me.
  18. Perhaps by motorcycle he means Harley? :)

    (You don't ride a Harley do you?)
  19. What are some of his interests? Whats his origins? Perhaps you can find some stereotypes that fit him if you ever have that discussion to show how absurd his thoughts are.

    Also there's every chance he doesn't actually believe any of this himself. Have you heard these words out of his mouth? or is it from your lady friend? Perhaps he doesn't really have a stigma against motorbikes but does not wish his daughter to ever get on one. So his told her that they are all evil.
  20. I don't think he could tell the difference between a Harley and a gixxer