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All Meshed up and no where to go

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by zzz40l, Oct 21, 2012.

  1. Thought I'd put some mesh inserts in the CBR over the weekend !!!!

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  2. Do you keep birds, reptiles, or other small animals in there?
  3. Very meshy !!!
  4. Dear me. Thats just all meshed up.
  5. Looks great - makes me almost wish my bike had fairings!
  6. very very neat job, did you buy those as aftermarket accessories or did you make them up yourself?
  7. Thanks guys, I made them up myself. Just bought the sheeting from Supercheap and cut and bent them into size and glued them on :)
  8. Nice job - particularly the small curved piece near the bottom.
  9. I do like a curved bottom!
    How's the Runcible coming on?
  10. Thanks maduncle, I was quite proud of that bottom piece. It took a tad longer than the other's but it turned out perfect :)
  11. individuality is a good thing, now you know it's yours and it improves the look .. good one!
  12. Hope you have a nice pair of long tweezers to get the bugs out of them.

    They do look cool.
  13. Thanks guys, I always like to be different with everything I do, I'll just use the Gerny and a tad of ct18, I've got the same mesh in the front of my car :)