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All kitted up and nowhere to go?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. As you probably know, Sydney threw up two spectacular days over the weekend, but Saturday was busy with stuff. So Sunday beckoned.

    Up with the birdies, kit on and head North; no particular plan, just find as many twisty roads as I can and enjoy them. So...

    Start with Macquarie Pass (natch), clear and clean at just a bit after 6:00am, and no traffic, bottom to top. Good start.

    In the middle of Robertson there's a road that turns off and head through the wonderfully-named town of Kangaloon, (the butt of many local jokes, believe me). It's narrow and twisty and particularly unpredictable, but it beats riding all the way on straight roads almost to Moss Vale to get across to Mittagong and the Old Hume Highway. It's also a lot smoother than Tourist Road, which on a good day resembles a goat track, and would be a lousy start to a long day's riding.

    Kangaloon Road brings you out just South of Bowral, and just a bit further North from that junction is the start of Old South Road. This road starts out as a feeder road for the southern suburbs of Bowral, and later of Mittagong and then disappears off into the bush for a while before joining up with the Old Hume Highway up near Yerinbool and meandering through to Picton. And just as you're entering Picton from the South a road turns left, and screams up the hill till it reaches the very top of the escarpment, where you turn right and onto the road to The Oaks. If you haven't ridden this road, you should. It passes through Silverdale and eventually heads through Mulgoa and brings you back down to earth just near the M4 junction, South of Penrith. I'm sure there are better roads around, but for kilometre after kilometre, it's like riding on top of the world.

    A short brawl through very light traffic (thanks to all the drinkers of Penrith :LOL:) and I had turned right and joined up with the Northern Road just South of the LLandilo turnoff, on the North side of Penrith. And, of course, it's only a short transport stage then to Wilberforce, for fuel and quick conversation with the locals; (looking at my bike, "They won't bother you, mate, but there are a couple of Highway Patrol cars just up the road..". ) I forewent protesting that my bike was really a sports bike without the fairing, smiled gratefully and embarked on my umpteenth run on my old favourite, The Putty Road.

    Well, the gendarmes did not make an appearance, and the only traffic was other bikes, many of them progressing at a greater velocity than I was; (maybe the bloke at the servo was right :LOL:).

    By the time I reached Bulga, after an unspectacular but enjoyable sprint through the Ten Mile, the day was getting hotter by the minute, and the plan had firmed up; fuel, coffee and head for home via the same route. As I was filling up a voice yelled out , "Hey, Paul!" I looked across at the group of riders gathered at the other pumps and spotted my old mate Snapey. "Where are you going??" "Rylstone" "What for?", "Lunch, and then I guess we'll head home." I bade them godspeed and retraced my steps. Once again the road was kind, and only one bimbling car briefly interrupted another run through the Ten Mile.

    But I wasn't so lucky at the Putty (yes, there is such a place) turnoff section. This time the cuplrit was a drone in a Subaru Forrester. He drove the corners like he was afraid he was going to drive off the edge of the earth, but then as soon as the road straightened up he got a dose of the brave pills, and was less than impressed with my passing him. I thought no more of it but then on a long up-hill dual-lane section a few kays on, this wannabe tried to pass me going up hill!!!

    Needless to say he was still behind me when he pulled off into a service station on the top of Colo many kilometres later. I was a bit disappointed because I was going to sprint down the Colo and wait for him at the bottom :LOL:.

    The rest of the trip provided plenty of opportunity to enjoy the command of the road that any bike, even a little 600, allows. You know what I mean :).

    And then, as if to say, "You can't have it all your own way, smarty!", less than five kays from home I ran into a torrential downpour and arrived home looking and feeling like a drowned rat. But I was still smiling.

    641 Kms, six and thre quarter hours all up, including stops.
  2. Sounds like a lot of fun, I wish I could go on rides like that but im afraid my bike just wont go the distance lol, the most i do is the first twisty bit of the putty then scamper home before something falls of it lol.

    What road are you talking about that goes through mulgoa and end up in penrith? i might give it a go in reverse one day.
  3. Hi Paul,

    Sunday was a gorgeous day wasn't it?

    I was out and about and had rain off to the right of me, then the left, then straight ahead of me but stopped by the time I got back to Fairy Meadow.

    Got home, put Gary to bed, grabbed a beer and sat on my back verandah just in time to hear the pitter patter of big effen raindrops on the roof. :D

    Beginners luck you reckon?

    Sounds like a great ride you did, looking forward to the day I'm up to it. :D
  4. The roads starts by swinging right (heading south) at the big roundabout that leads left-ish into Glenmore Park. It then becomes Mulgoa Road till it gets to Wallacia, then turns into Silverdale Road, from which you turn West at The Oaks and proceed along Burrogorang Road till you get to Oakdale. You turn left (east) there and down Barkers Lodge Road, which brings you out in the main street of Picton.

    Search for Mulgoa Road in Google Maps and start asling your way from there.

    As a side issue, how did you find this thread, since I couldn't see it in "New Posts" when I first posted it up, and it still isn't there (although it IS in the list for the Ride Events forum??)
  5. Sounds a great day, i was at home all day doing things i had put off and daydreaming of being out and about, havent ridden up the silverdale road bit due to not being to far from home with kids on the weekends, but do shoot out up to picton via the old south road old hume highway route then up barkers lodge road and left to burragorang rd to the lookout, great smooth road isnt it. Was great weather to be out riding you lucky so and so
  6. It was just in the ride diaries section, is the forum wigging out from the change or something? :eek: