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All kinds of awesome

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Haggismaen, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. A month ago, with some very generous help from Karl, I bought a 2004 CBR600F4i, completely stock with a tad over 9000KMs on the clock. Since then it had been sitting in Karl's garage waiting for me to get my full license.

    Well as of last Friday I'm a certified big boy so with some trepidation I picked up the bike and took it out for the first time.

    It. Was. Awesome.

    This is the first bike bigger than a 250 I have ridden but it accelerates faster than I can think :twisted: :twisted: I can only imagine what 1000cc sports are like :p.

    Unfortunately the only riding I've done on it is pretty much bumper-to-bumper Sydney traffic, the ride up to the Mean Fiddler and then down the Hume to Canberra today...with new tyres as well. We aren't well acquainted yet, but from what I've experienced in a straight line I like :grin:. Next weekend I'll be doing an arse load of riding, so looking forward to it.

    Just a run down of my thoughts on it (keep in mind I'm coming from a VTR250 with wider bars than stock):
    - It's fast.
    - It is quite comfy (I think the wider seat helps) and a bit roomier in the leg department than the VTR (didn't get uncomfortable on the non-stop ride from Sydney to Canberra).
    - I need to slump more and drop my arms a bit to take some of the weight off my wrists, especially when in stop start traffic...pain. Less so when I got onto the open road.
    - Takes a bit more to muscle about, more noticeable at high speeds but I wasn't moving about on the bike due it being the Hume and all.
    - Very fast.
    - Windscreen is not that useful unless you're really tucked down with your arse headed towards the pillion seat. Definite aftermarket job in the future.
    - It just does what you ask it to...always. No ensuring that your doing the gear dance or having to wind it up like on the 250.

    Anyhow, I'm loving it and can't wait to get out on it again. I need to get some decent photos, these are still the ones from the ad.

  2. So why has Honda dropped this obviously popular bike from the Australian line-up?
  3. Because they are Honda.
    That bike is nice, not a Kwaka, but still nice regareless!

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. Grouse work dude.
    i feel the same about my 1200 - just getting acquainted at the moment - only 660 km up.
  5. :woot: great news haggismaen. enjoy every minute :dance:
  6. No Idea, You can still buy CBR600F6 from Frasers in Sydney last time I looked brand new. Kier Sent me a text on Friday night, all it said was AWESOME, Thats all I said for a month when I got mine too.

    The Good: I chased Mr Magoo on his busa up the hill from Wisemans on Saturday (giving away 700cc). For a relative noob, the bike and I put in a great showing. When we got to the top 5 mins ahead of everyone else he said: Gee that thing goes alrigtht!. Grin

    The Bad: Zooming down through the twisties to Wisemans, leading the bunch, feeling proud of my corner speed and then pulling up at the ferry with Tony (supernego) on his 250 scooter (with missus on the back!) just 20 secs and 2 bikes behind me. WTF

    Its all good.
  7. Good stuff isn't It. I did the exact same trade-up. VTR250 to 04 CBR600F4i. Likewise, I was blown away by it. She's never let me down. Despite this she can't do everything for me as I found out when I took her to Brisbane and back. Ouch! And she doesn't do dirt that well. Or rather I should say I don't do dirt real well on her! Hence the Strom.

    I was also a little surprised to find that it takes more effort to throw her around. Especially compared to the Strom.

  8. well done, good stuff!
    you'll notice that you get more speed up between corners :shock: so ease yourself in to it ;)
  9. You'd better be at coffee tomorrow biatch. Footpath parking mate, you gotta show it off.
  10. I'll be there unless work decides otherwise. I'll have to put it right in front of everyone otherwise they wouldn't know it was there! It's too quiet! :?

    I see what you mean Joel, it's not just the acceleration I have to watch, but the throttle sensitivity in corners (particularly right handers)...which of course directly links to acceleration.
  11. I am this | | close to buying an '05 model of this bike...

    Stupid awesome bikes for sale in other states!!!
    Where is the ad for "2002 ZX636, zero kilometres, $3,000 negotiable, NSW next door to Ktulu", huh? HUH?!

    Oh gawd... I've even gone and had a look at it...
  12. Still better to this day than a 600RR , go on... you know you wanna :wink:
  13. But insurance is too exxy!

    'Hey NRMA! How much to insure an '05 600F for $10k?"

    "Why that would be $2,350, would you like to go ahead with policy slowly, inch-by-inch [like a gentleman]? or slam it in all at once?"
  14. Fair point , the insurance for my thou is less than it was for my F4i :shock: even with a driving ban !.... if you have a relatively clean record then figures like 2 grand will only be in your nightmares :wink: Whatever suits....F4i's rock :grin:
  15. Ouch dude! I got $1600 from InsureMyRide. Still painful but what can you do?
  16. I just came off my P's, and jumped on to my 07 GSXR600 it's awesome
    specially coming from a 250 virago.

    I took it for a 200km ride on saturday to start to wear in the new tyres.
    Loved every corner, and every minute
  17. I'm hoping QBE will be much better - but I haven't had a chance to get a quote, because their website is gay, doesn't like FireFox and you have to call in business hours.
  18. I got 3 quotes for my GSXR600
    QBE- $2300
    Insuremyride- $1700
    Only problem is that insuremyride goes by market value.
    but being cheaper i can use the savings for add ons for the gixxer
  19. congrats on your full licence!
  20. QBE beat any price :wink:

    just get a quote/covernote from IMR, fax it through, and it should be cleared in a day or two.

    they were offering me $1600ish for my 05 VTR250. i sent through a quote from AAMI for $589, so they did $588. saved me $1k right there :cool: