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All it takes is one idiot

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by live4themoment, Dec 8, 2007.

  1. Enjoying a nice afternoon\evening ride nice and warm bit of sun opening it up every now and then going through some twist and turns.

    Then 10 minutes from home entering a roundabout there was a car coming from the left as i was entering i was keeping my eyes on it and lucky i was because the stupid woman just kept on coming without even looking.

    She spotted me at last minute as i was braking hard she broke and i came about 30cm from hitting her in the side of the bonnent because i was on a bit of a lean as i had already entered the round about and going round i had to use all my power and leg from dropping the bike. Was the closet i have come to falling off or getting hit. Thought it was going to be my first time

    I can tell the exact second she saw me to lol becuase it was when even thru my helmet i was close enough to hear her say F*&K.

    I gave her the old eye point and finger and continued riding but after enjoying the rest of the ride for an hour a bit all it took was 1 second and one stupid driver to ruin the whole ride.
  2. G'day everyone,....

    Yep,...that about say's it all!

    I had a YUPPIE in a BMW weaving through the lanes at warp speed on the calder hwy the other week not looking where she was going,till she tryed moveing into my space,I just used my BOOT to put a fold in her door skin to wake her up.

    It only takes one to ruin a good ride!
    (Makes you ask yourself,..Why me?)

    Dr Who?