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All I wanted was something to eat....

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by matt232, Jul 4, 2006.

  1. 1. Left work 'early' tonight because I was just plain starving and energy levels were bottoming out.

    2. Got home and remember the pile of dishes 'soaking' in the sink which reduced the options.

    3. Found a clean baking tray and a frozen pizza

    4. Threw the pizza in the oven, but the pizza was too big for the tray so one side was stick out and up

    5. Get the pizza out and the bit that was sticking out is nicely charred but too hungry to care

    6. Get all the way through the pizza and eat the burnt crust as the last part

    7. *crunch* arrrrh there this something solid in my pizza crust

    8. Fish out the hard bit and discard on the pizza try, looks like a little it of porcelain.

    9. finish the meal and begin the ritual cleaning of the teeth with my tongue

    10. Hey that tooth seems a little smaller and sharper....yep the other side is normal....bloody hell I just broke about 40% of my tooth of on pizza crust.

    No blood, no pain.......just have to see how well my Private Health Insurance handles this.....off to do some reading.
  2. I vont to suck your blood :LOL:

    I know how hard those pizza crusts can get too sometimes i can't even bite through those suckers if it's too close to the edge of the tray.

    Just get a gold replacement :)
  3. I didn't even make it past 30years and 1 month and I'm already falling appart.

    Gold? Nar its titanium or Carbon Fibre all the way! Bring on the aftermarket molar.

  4. all say Ahhhh for matt... Ahhhhhhh.

    you poor old fart, your fcuk3d by the time you reach my age.
  5. You ate a whole Pizza :shock:
  6. Didnt you notice a lot of " Tomato secret sauce" on your pizza? or does all you food taste like blood?

  7. mat232.0.1 perhaps ?? :grin:
  8. Why not? Are you one of those people that deliberately waste food for entertainment? :?
  9. it was just one of those piss poor frozen pizzas (had half a plan of eating something afterwards as well) and like I said I was hungry.
  10. no blood and no pain....it seems to have broken where I previously had a filling.
  11. OMG u ate one of those frozen pizza's
    Man whats wrong with pickin up the ph & ordering one
    Prob would have it sitting in your lap way before the
    frozen crap was cooked.

    And would have given you time to do your dishes while waiting

    & oh yeah you prob wouldnt be minus a tooth & payin a visit to the denist.
    hehehe .. oh couldnt resist that dig.
  12. Geeze you can pick up a "real" large pizza for less than 6 bucks** these days but if you're on the bike it could be a bit hard to get something that sized home.

    ** The Pizza joint in the Caltex Servo at the Ring Rd/Sunshine Ave junction sells very nice pizzas for $5.90
  13. I make my pizzas. Most of the ones you buy taste like Sh!t and have F*** all in the way of topping.

    There's a place near here that used to make (expensive, but sooooo worth it) pizzas with thicker topping than base. Vince knew how to make the best pizzas. Last I heard, he'd passed away.
  14. Now that will teach you for eating dodgy frozen pizza's. :p

    Good luck with getting your tooth fixed.
  15. I did that, but with a muesli bar :\

    But I don't have private health insurance so hopefully you'll get off a lot cheaper than I did!
  16. We'll looks like I'm going to have to delay my retirement a little.

    Private Health Insurance will absorb $500 bucks of dental work this year and with that one visit I've consumed half that with only about 60% coverage of the bill. But if I rack up over $1500 worth of dental bills I can take advantage of the tax refund for it at the end of this financial year.

    Consider the dentist wanted to know if I was born in a third world country its a fair chance I'll be marking the dental refund into my tax pack next year. I guess brushing every day isn't good enough.

    Kiddies make sure you go and visit the dentist once in a while...its a hell of a lot cheaper that way. I should have gave into that nagging internal voice telling me to go to the dentist for the past year or so.....think I'll listen to the getting a full physical voice now.

    Anyone know a good doctor in the Hawthorn or Carlton area that will put the time in for a proper examination rather than just rushing things through?
  17. "I should have gave into that nagging internal voice..."

    Ditto..I just got a tooth pulled today, because having had no work the last three weeks, centrelink taking their sweet a$$ time giving me a payment, and not having health insurance, there was a huge difference between $160 to get it pulled and $1600 to get a root canal.

    I hadn't been to the dentist for over a year (got my wisdoms out around this time last year) and i've paid for it. Also have to go back and get another filling on the other side so that it doesn't result in the same option :(

    Now my mouth is uneven...and it's weird!