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All hail the SES!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by I Adore Vic, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. Had to Ring the SES tonight - window upstairs smashed in from strong winds. 4 very helpful, friendly, damn fantastic guys came out and spent about an hour working on covering up the big hole where the window used to be.

    Will get it repaired properly in the morning, but they've fixed it so that minimal wind and rain can get in.

    It's the first time I've ever had to call on the SES for help. Bloody fantastic service. Totally blows me away (pun intended) that folk like these go out of their way to help folk like myself. Will be throwing the service a donation tomorrow.

    I hope everyone else is doing okay with the weather conditions atm. SES guys were saying the SES in Sth Eastern suburbs has been pretty busy as with areas around Bairnsdale who are experiencing floods atm.

    The wind seems to have settled a bit here - nowhere near as strong as it was this afternoon. HOly hell it was windy!!!!
  2. I was grabbing hot chips at the same place a truckload of SES blokes were getting dinner, last week - when north coast was still all flooded and screwy.

    I asked them if they were busy or not :p
    Had a quick chat and told them thanks and good luck.

    Nice dudes. I take back everything I said about those orange jump-suits...
  3. Hey Rosie that would be a real pane eh! :grin:
    How you going with Wilbur?
    Hope the aches & panes are easing :grin:
    Cheers Paul
  4. Well the old saying "You learn something new every day", I learnt TWO things today!!! Never knew you could just call the SES for stuff like that. Even not too long ago, my dad was telling me that during some storms that hit their area, their ceiling semi caved in and dad (being 72 and semi ill from a hard life, truckie + bouncer has taken its toll) had to spend a day or two fixing the hole in his roof. Do you mean anyone can call them or do you need to fit any special category or whatever to call them (unless just knowing that one is able to is all you need to know?)
  5. The SES were fantastic here in Newcastle during our storms and floods over the long weekend, as were the RFS, Energy Australia & local council crews who worked extroadinarily long hours to keep everyone safe. Hats off to them. :applause:
  6. The SES and one other collection/donation/charity is the only one's I will donate too.
  7. :woot: can i throw a rock through my window and call them out? :grin:
  8. Our local and Eastern SES will be busy tonight. Its still flogging down here. Cant wait to see the Avon River tomorrow.
    South Gippy Highway is expected to be cut Fri/Sat at Sale.
  9. Yeah but I'm not donating to the Mouth retirement fund! :grin:
  10. I like the concept of the SES and what they do, but what burns me up is when tossers (not the OP) call them out to do stuff they are perfectly capable of doing themselves, like when trees fall down, are causing no danger or threat, but people are too dumb/lazy/pathetic to go get a chainsaw and do it themselves, or *shock* wait till the morning and hire someone!
    I can think of many other examples.

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. Yep got a lot of calls last night. I was on a roof with a chainsaw until 0100.
    Your local unit will thank you immensely Rosie, just make sure you get the unit that helped you out.
    You can call the SES for weather related damage and if they can do anything about it then they will.
    So I am a little tired this morning but still at work. Dammit
    Thank goodness it has calmed down a little, will let the overnight crews catch up and finish most of the jobs.

    Carri if you can make a rock look like a tree branch then it is more than possible for you to call them out.
  12. Thanks, people indirectly answered me. I'll let my parents know in future to see if they know about calling SES. I don't like seeing my "ill father" doubled with a heart attack last year at age 72 needing to get up on the roof and fix weather damage for day(s) by himself. He also fell off the ladder couple years ago and had a huge scab/mark that didn't heal for over a year :shock: He isn't the tank he used to be like 20 years ago and doesn't heal quickly any more. But maybe they are too isolated in their area (Indented Head, 40ish kms from Geelong) for any people to get called out :?: :?: It is scary when stuff happens to where you live and you can't physically fix it, having the injured nerves/shoulder/non moving right arm has woken me up to this and I don't know what we'd do if something happened to our place at 2am or whatever, I still wouldn't be able to do much *sigh, hate being this physically ill/injured for so long.
  13. Hey Scumbag - two units came out - one from Sanny and one from Cowes. Do you know how I go about giving specific units a donation?
  14. You can contact each unit directly and do it that Rosie. Probably the best way as the money can be used at the unit and not go into a big fund that is spread around to all. The SES needs all the money it can get.
    They should be able to send you out donation envelopes. I know we carry them on the trucks and hand them out after a job. Just in case someone will want to give us money :grin:
  15. How is it down there? My folks live on the lake at Loch Sport and given mum has lived with her village being bombed in Finland she keeps saying "don't vorry mutti, eez all good". :shock: But as a son I can't help but wonder.

    I used to help out the SES in my boy scout days and they are good buch of honest aussie blokes and sheilas in the true sense. Orange jumpsuits :cool: :cool:
  16. All hail the SNES!


    /for everyone who read the thread-title too quickly...
  17. Imagine how high the Thomson river would be if it wasn't for the Thomson Dam catching so much water upstream :)

    I had to go out to Yarck today and lots of fallen trees & branches very close to the road edge on the GV Hwy from Seymour and especially on the road from Yarck to Ruffy & Longwood. Shame the Spur was closed or I could've gone for a burn down through there instead and be paid for it :wink: