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All Hail the 4 Muskeeters

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Sir Skuffy, Jul 24, 2006.

  1. To the 4 Musketeers......

    The annual pilgrimage is approaching. Planning is underway.

    Mods - Please do not remove, the members will understand..... :LOL: :LOL:
  2. So may we only hail(sp) the 4 Musketeers(sp) and not join them, Mitch???

    {you are sly dog, Skuffy :LOL: :LOL:}
  3. I'm anticipating the trip already :)

    Can't wait :woot:
  4. As one of the four, I am in, what is the bikeless one going to do this year??

    I'm not sure if my tights fit anymore though!!!
  5. To the belowed four (awaiting on number four to join the ranks), this shall be yet another adventure of discovery of both limits and humour.

    I mwill be sure to advise "the old man" of the proposed arrival so that his fingers are loose and limber for the only female "M" of the original cast and crew
  6. What's this all about then?
  7. Good old quick finger Jimmy!!!!

    How slick was he......

    At least one of us got given free piss all night!!! :cool: :cool:

    So what of Mitch's biatch?
  8. Hey who am I to pass up on such a good offer as free booze ;)

    And to your question van, look here
  9. Hey Van,

    Do you have a special decoder ring from the 4M Clan?

    If not, then stay tuned. All will be revealed. If you would really really like to know, PM me.. :shock: :grin: :LOL:
  10. Its about......

    Getting pissed.....

    having a laugh.....

    getting offered free massages by strange old men.....

    insulting young Bundy loving roo shooters by pointing and laughing at them to the point of crying.......

    getting rained on three days straight while its sunny and 30 degrees in Melbourne......

    Getting lost and trail bike riding in mud, on sports bikes.....

    Writting on pub ceilings........

    and a lot more........

    You'd have to be there to understand

  11. Hahaha, gotcha. Ta :)
  12. Well, I may not be one of the original four but as you've beaten me to the most excellent idea of a mega long weekend ride, involving at least some of the most excellent Bright crowd (and no doubt more excellent people as well) - I'll be there :grin:

    Now I'm just going to have to harden my behind up a bit, - the 675 is not nearly as comfy as the RS.

    ......but at least I won't be carting litres of oil.
  13. :LOL: Almost forgotten about that.

    A little to the front..yer thats the spot!!

    Puts the pressure on to line up the next bike......but a 4 stoke you say Mitch...Hmmmmmmm.....
  14. Keep ya bloody pants on....

    Might have to get something more suited to the off road sections as memory serves. Seems I'll be chasing a 750 suzzie up and down mountains with roads covered in sheets of water forcing you to pick your times to twist the wrist or suffer the pucker effect.
  15. Add to that

    5-10 metre visibility though the snowies

    pubs turned into laundries

    barmaids with interesting abilities

    People getting dragged around petrol stations by thier water logged boot :LOL: :LOL:
  16. Hello Again,

    Both Matt's have it pretty much summed up. It is a gathering that will test your abilities to not only ride but also your abilities to wave of some of life's less obvious threats.

    Would you like to know more.