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All guys same?...and Game Theory of When Harry Meets Sally

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Untame_me, Jun 20, 2005.

  1. Game Theory of When Harry Meets Sally


    Guys, I have some questions….it is said that it’s biological that you look at girls’ bodies and facial features to see whether you want to get into her pants or not…….(1) but does other factors other than the physical get a weighting? Or none at all…..(2) seriously, why is it that you would give it a try on dates, no matter what? (3) Have you said no to a free chance to sleep with someone? (4) Is this a phenomenon of the generation x & y, or your dad also has the abovementioned traits? (5) For those who rides, is it imperative that a girl also ride?.......Maybe it is how it is, and it's best this way.

    Tell me that I'm absurd to boycott all guys atm, 2.5 years and still counting…...current number of guys who see pass the physical = zero….is there any hope?
  2. Is this anything to do with Sat night at all Joyce??
  3. No, not just sat night....being wondering for a few years...maybe male netriders can shed some light for me.....you male species is a wonderment.
  4. Re: Are all guys the same?

    Hahahahaha .....
    Venus trying to understand Mars :D You'll get a headache for sure :)
  5. Well i'd say guy either get over it or grow out of it....mostly

    i know what i find attractive in a woman BUT there are a number of other things that come ito play. Looks are one thing but good looks with bad attidude, opposing beleifs, etc won't get anywhere....

    and for the record yes i have turned down an offer or 2...not that i got many to start with........of course when the missus offers...well that another matter. :D
  6. 1. Other factors are very important. Physical stuff might raise the eyebrow initially and they're always a pro but I'll take a nice personality over a nice butt any day. That said I am a sucker for green eyes and red hair. Don't think I've ever gone out with someone I haven't gotten to know in another context first.

    2. Sorry...it maybe the fact I'm on my 11 espresso but that sentence went straight over my head.

    3. Yes and it wasn't because I wasn't attracted to the girl but knew she was asking for the wrong reasons.

    4. Honestly...no idea.

    5. Wouldn't bother me but seeing as I've only got my Ls it would probably be a pro. Course I don't have a bike at all yet.
  7. 1- yep (inteligence, likes & dislikes)
    2- not all guy's do that... just the desperate ones!
    3- yep twice!
    4- nah, My father thinks the same way.
    5- no.... but it comes down to likes and dislikes, if she does not like bikes, there very little chance

  8. 1) Brains are nice but not essential. As are fathers with major brewing assets.
    2) He who dies with the most r00ts wins
    3) If you ever say 'No' you would be n-1 on the day you die
    4) The above truth was taught to me by a member of my fathers generation.
    5) Refer to answers 1, 2 and 3 above.

    You are absurd to boycott guys, just need to be aware of the modus operandi and accept it for how things are

    Why don't you apply the same rules yourself? :p

    P.S. anyone guy who refutes this is only trying to get in your good books and thereby score :D
  9. To understand men why don't you try to act the way we do?
    Next time you talk to a guy, make a point of looking at his crouch?
    Study his reaction.
  10. Can I ask, why are you boycotting all guys? You could be throwing an great opportunity away. I find that a lot of guys I yak to, do tend to look past the physical and go for personality (and sense of humour) as well. Mind you, some are just delinquents (c'mon netriders you know who you are :p)
  11. Re: Are all guys the same?

    1) Yes
    2) Horny
    3) No
    4) Huh?
    5) Yes

    You are absurd. Who's getting the physical, you or them?

    Big tits and child bearing hips. That's the ticket.

  12. :p :p No harm in trying...mouth....giving Martians a chance to defend articulately, before Venusians unfairly bark out the label "bastard"... :p :p

    v_quixotic, hehehe, yeah, thanks for the tips....I can't win it all, can I :p
  13. What a load of dingoes kidneys......

    as previously mentioned...loks raise initial interest but it goes nowhere fast without other benfits like inteligent conversation, friendly manner.

    and no we are not all just trying to score...... some of are otherwise taken and have no ambition of being otherwise in the forseeable future.
  14. Re: Are all guys the same?


    1. Initially physical appearance matters, there's not point denying it. Are you honestly going to go out of your way to talk to someone that you aren't physically attracted to in the first place? No different to first impressions.....I tend to worry about the other factors down the track, and yes they are equally important to me in terms of longevity .

    2. If you a referring to getting in someone's pants on the first date.....well 9 slaps in the face are worth the one time she says yes

    3. Yes.......I took a rain-check as I was too hungover

    4. You'd have to ask him

    5. No, but I'm sure it helps...as you are aware Kym doesn't ride, and though she understands it's in my blood, it can cause petty arguments from time to time.

    So does this mean you haven't/not going to call Eddie then?
  15. I have heard these comments from lots of women, and I would mention that there is a bloke who fancies them, but happens to look like a bulldog licking piss off a nettle, but that poor bugger wont get a look in because the statement 'Are all men the same' inevitably means 'Are all men that I fancy the same'. Otherwise unattractive men (who happen to be very nice people) all over the world would be having very busy sex lives if the physical aspect didn't come into play. Where were all these female martyrs when I was growing up!!
  16. Re: Are all guys the same?

    1) a guys attraction to a girl can be influenced by the personality of a girl, just as is the case with girls being influenced by a guys personality. i think girls are more influenced by personality than guys are, and will make more concesssions looks wise.
    2) i don't get this question (uni exam earlier today, brain fried) :evil:
    3) yeah, if you're not attracted to them, you're not interested, it's that simple. if they're hot and you're single why not life is short.
    4) nothings changed in the minds of men and women, society just puts different (attempted) restraints on them during different time frames.
    5) since that would cut the potential partner finding opportunity down to about 2% of the population, no of course not! :)

    what's with the 2.5 years thing? us guys are great! how could you deprive yourself for so long! :p
  17. Liar - it's all about boobs.
  18. they are nice yes... but they're not the whole package.
  19. I feel for chicks who have to deal with the whole dating thing. As a serial monogamist, I've not had to experience it (but serial monogamy has its down-side too)...

    Chin up, and if it comes down to it, why not try a female lover?
  20. huh, what was that? i was looking at your boobs sorry...... :LOL:

    i'm with deyago, i could listen to hours of utter BS about kittens and pink ribbon and hair care products if the lungs are of a decent size and shape :D