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All day Sat ride, Two spurs and Lake Mountain.

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by deadman, Nov 7, 2009.

  1. Well we set of with approx 12 bikes, From Mitham rd and Springvale cnr,
    I say approx, because thats what I counted at one corner.
    We had no leader as such, no corner marking as such, and no tec,
    What a shomozle, Hahahahahahaha
    But we got there and I think every one had an excellent day,
    The 3 Learners did extremely well, Especially through Panton Hill, Kinglake, Chum Creek road, Healesville, The Spur, Stopped at the Blackspur pub for lunch.
    Then onto Marysville, did not stop, and continued up to Lake Mountain, Then Back to the Reefton Spur, Regrouped at Reefton and then on to Warburton, where we said goodbye and went our separate ways.
    The 3 girl learners, Your terriific, keep it up you will ride well one day soon,
    Most of the riders have not been on these roads before, and all went extremely well,
    This idiot (ME) came round a bend just after Panton Hill, Looked back over my shoulder. and dropped off the road into the gravel, Not a problem, Had a post coming up and tried to get back on to the road, the front climbed the step, 04 or 5 inches of bitumen with a square step on the edge.) The back wheel refused to budge out of the gravel and climb the step, Next thing I know I am holding the bars and sliding down the road on my arse, the back wheel dropped out from under me. Gravel rash to forearm near elbow and a bit on my hip,
    Scratched Fairing and mirror and a bent Brake lever, Matches the other one now..
    Took every thing I had to stand the heavy mongrel up again. Phew, and then some.
    Thanks peeps for a grouse day, Totally Enjoyed your company and riding with you,
    Check out riding etiquette before your next ride, so that you know how to lead, corner mark and Tec, It will make the day a lot easier, and you wont get lost, and it keeps the group together,

    I would put piccys on, but it wont let me.
    The 4 Ms's run took up all my space,


  2. Glad to hear you are ok.... Hopefully not too much damage......

  3. Thanks Mate,
    Scratched fairing, still very ridable, Hard to keep an old bloke like me down, Hahahahahahaha
  4. I think that was amazing your able to have an off get it back all together, and if you hadn't of mentioned it I don't think the group wouldn';t have known, as you didn't get left behind. In the morning when we were talking you even said it would be hard to get your bike off the ground if it ever fell over.
  5. Cheers Deadman. Hope the arm isn't stinging so much today. + 1 Can't believe you were off & back on again without anyone seeing you!
  6. hahah, of all people to do that, id pick him :p (or nibs, cause of how often it happens :p )

    not good to hear you came off mate, but glad it wasnt to bad :)
  7. This run would have been a good one for you, Mate.

    First real one in 26500 klms on the Bird. It happens. Hahahahahaha

  8. i saw you guys, i was at the St Andrews market when the whole group went past, was so jealous, but went and did it on Sunday with dannyboy. bad about your off glad you are ok.