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All day parking on Carlisle Street St Kilda?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mikey213, Oct 17, 2014.

  1. Hi, i had a look on google maps to see what the parking situation is like on carlisle street in st kilda (for cars) and it all seems to be 1 hour or 2 hour parking.

    was wondering if anyone knew if theres a spot for cars for all day parking near or on carlisle street?

    obviously if i ride the bike there is plenty of spots on the footpath but this is specific for car parking.

    thanks :)
  2. You could try either of the carparks behind Safeway and Coles, but cannot remember if they are all day or time limited. If you want to go a little east near the Town Hall, Nepean Hwy has all day parking. And also in behind the Greyhound pub.
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  3. Thanks mouth i will go up on the bike and have a gander at those places and go from there.
  4. New job nearby?
  5. I park on Nepean Hwy near the Elsternwick pub and catch the tram up. Parking is all day and free up to one of the cross streets but I can't remember which - although further north than I park.
  6. Possibly, i have a trial next week and when i was up there i didn't really pay too much attention to parking till i got home.

    other job i actually got offered and was supposed to start 3 months ago.. but seems to have fell through.. so fingers crossed.

    thanks greydog.

    seems like the nepean is the way to go... and being there at like 6am should be heaps of parks i hope, i will be mostly riding my bike but if i drive up i sorta wanna know where i can park for free as i have no interest in paying for parking or fines haha.
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    I'm confused... Has this changed recently? It was open parking on Carlisle north of barkely st about 12 months back

  8. I'm not sure, this is the first time i've actually been ON carlisle street, where i need to be is like near the library and nepean highway and from what i could tell its all 1 hour 2 hour parking, hence i asked if there was any all day parking.
  9. Brothels have 24hr discreet parking so check to see if there are any establishments in the vicinity.

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    Mikey I lived there till this time last year, you should be OK finding a park between the napean and barkely st... It gets hard round 4pm when residents get home or Friday nights and weekends... Other than that its not bad. We had a car on the street for 12 months and didn't need a resident pass.

    Or go one st back from Carlisle to a side st
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